The Providence Senate has primary institutional responsibility for curricular, co-curricular and program matters. Its role is policy formation with regard to curriculum, programs, educational assessment, accreditation and academic vitality. It maintains a set of bylaws by which it operates and has authority to appoint ad hoc committees and to delegate authority as required.

Senate personnel will include the Providence President, Provost (chair), Dean of Providence University College, Dean of Providence Theological Seminary, Registrar, Vice President of Student Life, Director of Library Services, three UC faculty, and three Seminary faculty.

All personnel have a Senate vote, with the exception of the Provost (chair).

Work of the Senate


  • Appointment of members to the faculties under the oversight of the Human Resources Committee of the Board.


  • Regular reports to the Board on program outcomes;
  • Program delivery, including the curriculum, library resources and co-curricular activities in fulfillment of the institutional mission;
  • Establishment of the annual academic calendar;
  • Recommendations to the Board regarding the establishment or termination of programs, and
  • Relationships with external academic bodies, such as accrediting agencies and other post-secondary institutions.


  • Providing for the social, spiritual, physical and academic growth of students;
  • Providing co-curricular activities including residence life;
  • Ensuring positive student retention;
  • Admission of applicants;
  • Registration of students and maintenance of student records;
  • Fall and Spring Convocations;
  • Standards for graduation;
  • Recommending graduates to the Board;
  • Approving criteria for awards and scholarships, and
  • Approval of honorary degrees, proposed by the President.

Planning and Administration

  • Collaboration with the Board and Cabinet to develop and maintain long-term strategic plans for the institution, and
  • Collaboration with Cabinet to establish the annual institutional budget.
Members of Senate