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Providence is chartered by the province of Manitoba to offer Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral degrees. The University of Manitoba accepts Providence degrees to meet the requirements for entry into graduate studies. The Province of Manitoba recognizes Providence degrees towards teacher certification, along with a Bachelor of Education from a public university.

Accrediting Bodies

The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE)

Providence is accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), which reviews the Providence self-study and requires the institution to meet its standards of accreditation. ABHE is recognized by the United States Secretary of Education as the national accrediting agency for Bible Colleges in the United States. It is also recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation as a National Institutional Accrediting Agency.

The ABHE Commission on Accreditation has placed Providence University College and Theological Seminary on warning for weaknesses in satisfying the following accreditation standard(s).

  • Standard 2: EE 1, 5, 7 (demonstrate with evidence the creation and implementation of an institutional assessment plan);
  • Standard 2: EE 4, 6 (demonstrate with evidence at least one cycle of assessment in at least one undergraduate program and one graduate program completed within the last year);
  • Standard 2: EE 8, COE 8 (demonstrate with evidence the provision of reliable information to the public regarding student achievement, including graduation and employment rates).

The institution retains accredited status with ABHE during this period of warning, and will be subject to periodic monitoring, which may include progress reports and/or focused visits by Commission on Accreditation staff or evaluation teams. If weaknesses are not resolved within the time specified (usually one year), the Commission on Accreditation may (1) extend the warning for a second year, (2) place the institution on probation, (3) order the institution to show cause why its accreditation should be continued, or (4) withdraw accreditation. Warning is rarely extended beyond two years.

Teachers of English as a Second Language – Canada (TESL Canada)

The Providence TESOL program is accredited by Teachers of English as a Second Language – Canada, an internally recognized accrediting agency for teaching English to speakers of other languages.

The Association of Theological Schools (ATS)

Providence Theological Seminary is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of The Association of Theological Schools and is approved to offer the following degrees: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, Master of Arts in Counselling, Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Master of Arts in Educational Studies, Master of Arts in Global Studies and Doctor of Ministry, as well as a Comprehensive Distance Education Program.