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Audit a Course

Are you interested in an upcoming course? Would a particular Providence course help bolster your professional development or enhance your understanding of a certain subject? Why not audit a course! Providence courses can be audited without credit provided students register and pay the required fee. Students who are auditing are considered regular participants in the class but are not required to turn in assignments or take exams. For current students with an existing course load, audited courses do not count against the load.

Apply to Providence


In order to audit a course, students must apply to Providence and register for the desired course. The auditing course fee is 50% of regular tuition plus the full student fees for that course. Students auditing courses are required to participate in class but are not required to turn in written assignments or take examinations. Lab and tech fees may apply to some courses. The cost of textbooks is not included. Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.

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