Michael Gilmour
Office 3A38
Address 10 College Crescent, Otterburne, MB, R0A 1G0
Phone 1-431-815-4269
Email Michael.Gilmour@prov.ca

Michael Gilmour

Distinguished Professor of New Testament & English Literature

On a good day, Michael teaches Jane Austen in the morning and St. Paul in the afternoon – such are the perks for an instructor in both English literature and New Testament. He researches animal ethics and regularly teaches a course on Animals and the Bible. Whenever possible, he urges the Christian community to take creation care and animal wellbeing seriously as matters of moral responsibility. These days, he is writing on Hugh Lofting and Bob Dylan.

  • 115.21 Christian Thought I: The Bible in Nineteenth-Century Literature
  • 115.22 The Bible and Popular Music
  • 121.11 Introduction to the Bible and Christian Theology I
  • 133.31 New Testament Literature I: Pauline
  • 134.23 New Testament Book Study II: General Writings (The Apostle Peter)
  • 136.32 Special Studies in New Testament: Animals and the Bible
  • 212.15 20th and 21st Century Literature in English I
  • 212.28 Studies in C.S. Lewis

McGill University (QC)

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), New Testament

University of Manitoba (MB)

Master’s Degree (M.A.), English Literature

Providence Seminary (MB)

Master’s Degree (M.A.), New Testament

Lakehead University (ON)

Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.), History



  • Providence University College, Faculty
  • Providence University College, Department Head of Biblical Studies & Practical Theology

Professional Associations

  • Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics


Recent Articles and Book Chapters

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