Board of Governors

The Providence Board of Governors is responsible for the stewardship of Providence and the institution’s purpose, viability, vitality and integrity. The members of the Board represent a variety of professions. They are committed to advancing Providence’s mission and vision for the glory of God. Members serve four-year terms without term limits. The board delegates certain functions to the Cabinet and to the Senate.

If you would like to express interest in serving on the Providence board, please contact the Executive Assistant to the President.


The Board meets in October, November, March and June. November meetings run beside the Corporation Dinner and Annual General Meeting.


The Board’s committees accomplish the regular work of the Board. The committees operate under charters approved by the Board.


The Board collaborates with the Cabinet and the Senate to develop and maintain strategic plans and directions for Providence.

Work of the Board
The Board delegates certain functions to the Senate and to the Cabinet. It retains oversight over:

  • The mission, purposes, and integrity of the institution with respect to Governance and the Covenants
  • Appointment and support of the President and executive management including their remuneration and benefits
  • The President’s performance
  • All governing policies
  • Collaboration with the Cabinet and Senate to develop and maintain longer-term strategic plans and directions
  • Establishing or terminating academic programs
  • Program outcomes
  • Good institutional management, including annual budget approval
  • Adequate resources, including sufficient enrollments and revenue
  • Preserving institutional independence
  • Relating the institution to the community and the community to the institution
  • Serving as an occasional office of appeal such as in cases of student discipline
Committees, made up of Board members and Providence employees, do the work of the Board. Each committee operates under a charter, which the Board approves.

  • Leadership Committee Charter: The Leadership Committee serves the Board by overseeing the strategic planning process, maintaining the integrity of the institution and acting on behalf of the Board between meetings and in emergency situations.
  • Governance Committee Charter: The Governance Committee reviews and develops the overall governance and management of the institution, including Board effectiveness.
  • Audit and Operations Committee Charter: The Audit and Operations Committee oversees Providence’s facilities, operations, budget and financial affairs.
  • Human Resources and Compensation Committee: The Human Resources and Compensation Committee is responsible for the development, maintenance, and institutional compliance to fair human resource and compensation policies and procedures.
  • Marketing and Development Committee Charter: The Marketing and Development Committee is responsible for student recruitment, donor development planning and revenue generation.
  • Student Life Committee Charter: The Student Life Committee oversees student life, including the granting of degrees, student development and athletics.
Board Members