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Student Services

At Providence, we care about life and learning outside the classroom just as much as inside. We'll help you adjust to life at university as well as care for your physical, social, emotional, psychological and social well-being during your stay! Have questions about international student services, campus employment, career services or counselling? Maybe you're looking for a tutor or some research help? We can help you access these and other services.

International Student Services

Living in a new country with a new culture can be difficult but we're here to make your stay at Providence a great one! Our International Student Services staff will help you make the cross-cultural and logistical adjustments to living and studying in Canada. We'll help you with everything from orientation and health insurance registration to helping you adjust socially to our campus and Canadian culture.

Connecting with a tutor can help you achieve your academic goals. Book an appointment with the Academic Tutor.

Looking for a little extra income? Getting a job on campus can help bridge the gap in your finances as well as give you work experience. Opportunities are posted on the Prov App.

Counselling services provide students with the opportunity to pursue personal growth and goals and have trained counsellors on campus to support you in whatever you're dealing with.