Heather Macumber
Office 3A38
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Heather Macumber

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Dr. Macumber teaches courses predominantly in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. Her research interests include the intersection of the divine and earthly spheres, monstrous bodies, and biblical art. Her recent book Recovering the Monstrous in Revelation (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic) applies the interdisciplinary method of monster theory to John’s Apocalypse.

  • 112.21 Biblical Theology I: Social Justice in the Old Testament
  • 121.10 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • 122.22 The Pentateuch
  • 123.31 The Prophets
  • 124.32 Biblical Poetry II: Wisdom Literature
  • 125.32 Old Testament Apocalyptic
  • 126.22 Gender & the Hebrew Bible
  • 126.32 Special Studies in OT: Monsters in the Bible
  • 134.32 NT Book Study IV: Revelation
  • 152.30 Interpreting Old Testament Narrative
  • 154.21 Bible & the Arts

University of St. Michael’s College (ON)

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Old Testament/Hebrew Bible

Tyndale Seminary (ON)

Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Biblical Studies

Queen’s University (ON)

Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.), Honours, History



  • Providence University College, Faculty (since 2017)


  • Emmanuel College (Toronto, ON), Adjunct Professor (2013-2017)
  • St. Michael’s College (Toronto, ON), Adjunct Professor (2009-2016)
  • Queen’s University (Kingston, ON), Adjunct Professor (2009-2011)

Professional Associations

  • Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)
  • Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (CSBS)
  • European Association of Biblical Studies (EABS)

Select Awards

  • Founders Prize – Awarded by the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies for the best student essay (2008)
  • Hebrew Award, Tyndale Seminary (2004)


  • Ph.D. Thesis. Angelic Intermediaries: The Development of a Revelatory Tradition, 2012.
  • M.Div. Thesis. Yahweh’s Protection and Rejection of Israel: The Harlot Metaphor in Ezekiel 16, 2005.


  • Macumber, H. Recovering the Monstrous in Revelation. Lanham: Lexington Books/Fortress Academic (2021).

Peer Reviewed Articles

  • (forthcoming) Macumber, H. “The Monstrous Dragon.” Oxford Handbook of Biblical Monsters. Edited by B. Grafius and J. Morehouse. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Macumber, H. “Muted and Hidden Monsters in Rev 12.” Journal of Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies 4.2 (2022): 89-106.
  • Macumber, H. “The Threat of Empire: Monstrous Hybridity in Revelation 13.” Biblical Interpretation 27 (2019): 107-29.
  • Macumber, H. “A Monster without a Name: Creating the Beast known as Antiochus IV in Daniel 7.” Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 15: Article 9 (2016).

Chapters in a Collected Volume

  • (in progress) Macumber, H. “Apocalyptic Elements in Stranger Things,” in Theology, Religion, and Stranger Things. Edited by Andrew Byers and Adam J. Powell. Lexington/Fortress Press.
  • (forthcoming) Macumber, H. “Monsters, Hybridity, and Text: A Cautionary Tale,” in Religious Inventions: Ancient Mediterranean Practice and the Study of Religion. Edited by E. Vearncombe and W. Arnal. McGill-Queen’s University Press.
  • (forthcoming) Macumber, H. “Disappointing Dragons: The Powerless Monster of the Hebrew Bible,” in Pre-Modern Monsters and their Social Reflections. Edited by Allan Wright.
  • Macumber, H. “Monsters at Qumran.” Pages 145-68 in Dead Sea Scrolls: Revise and Repeat. Edited by C. Palmer, A. Krause, E. Schuller, and J. Screnock. Atlanta: SBL Press (2020).
Public Scholarship

Public Scholarship