The Providence Cabinet is the institution’s executive management body and is appointed by the Board of Governors upon recommendation of the President. It includes the chief academic officers of both Providence University College and Providence Theological Seminary.

Delegated to Cabinet by the Board of Governors is the primary authority and responsibility for management of the institution and for all non-curricular and non-academic matters. Cabinet will implement policy decisions that arise from the various governing bodies and that are approved by the Board.

Work of the Cabinet
  • Regular reports to the Board and Corporation on the state of the institution;
  • Collaboration with the Board and Senate in developing and maintaining long-term, strategic plans for the institution;
  • Recommending to the Board the annual institutional plan of work and its accompanying budget, in collaboration with the Senate;
  • Maintenance of a positive cash flow;
  • Maintenance and improvement of institutional technology;
  • Marketing the institution and recruiting students;
  • Developing a donor base and securing budgeted donations;
  • Providing positive public relations
  • Campus operations, including grounds and facilities maintenance, transportation and campus rentals;
  • Capital projects;
  • Human resources, including compensation, professional development, grievance procedures, hiring, orientation and termination;
  • Positive internal communications, and
  • Business affairs, including accounts payable and receivable, institutional accounts, student accounts and the Business Office.
Members of Cabinet