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Featured Winter/Spring 2024 Courses

February 19-23

CH5101: Chaplaincy/Spiritual Care Foundations – Hank Dixon

This course introduces chaplaincy, what it means to be a chaplain, how that work is done in various contexts, and the benefit of spiritual care. As well its history, its modern practice will be discussed. The learner will learn to articulate the purpose, role, responsibilities, and value of spiritual care. From this, they will develop a theology of spiritual care that will be foundational to how they serve.

February 19-23

EM5112: Change, Transition, Conflict, and Power – Stan Hamm

This course is designed to introduce students to biblical/theological and cultural/sociological perspectives on change management, transitions, conflict resolution, and power.

May 6-10

OT5320: A God Who Hides: Israel’s Five Festival Scrolls – Nate Wall-Bowering

Jewish tradition paired five lesser known books from the Hebrew Bible with Judaism’s five annual festivals. These books – Ruth, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations and Esther- cover the waterfront of human experience: love, loss, trauma, guilt and survival against all odds. Special focus will be given to the theme of divine absence/presence. Read together, these books reveal the jumbled landscape of life to be a place of encounter with a God who hides, woos, shelters, frustrates, and offers unforeseen joys.

May 20-24

NT5303: Acts and the Mission of the Church – Dr. David Johnson

Examine the book of Acts as a literary and theological document, paying attention to the picture of the church under the sovereignty of God as it expands from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria, and to Rome.


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