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Upcoming Seminary Courses

Interested in applying to Providence but want to see what courses are currently being offered? Below are links to our course offerings. For additional course information, contact the the Registrar’s Office here.

FALL 2022 (Sept to Dec): Course List  |  Course Schedule

WINTER 2023 (Jan to Apr): Course List | Course Schedule

*Note: The course lists and schedules are subject to change.

Check out some of our newest course offerings below!

CH5101 Chaplaincy/Spiritual Care Foundations | Taught by Dr. Hank Dixon

This course introduces chaplaincy, what it means to be a chaplain, how that work is done in various contexts, and the benefit of spiritual care. As well as looking at the history and roots of chaplaincy, its modern practice will be discussed. The learner will learn to articulate the purpose, role, responsibilities, and value of spiritual care. From this, they will develop a theology of spiritual care that will be foundational to how they serve.

This will be taught as a modular hybrid course during the week of November 7-11, 2022. HANK DIXON will be teaching. He has a wealth of experience as a chaplain in our federal prison system.


CH5102 Chaplaincy/Spiritual Care Vision and Leadership | Taught by Dr. Gloria Woodland

The impact of this course on the learner will help them define and implement a vision for their ministry and how they will lead. This vision will encompass all aspects of the life of a chaplain, both personal and corporate and will define how they desire to reach and encourage people within their particular ministry in a respectful and caring way. Their leadership skills will be studied and applied to their context to embody integrity, self-awareness, creativity, and wisdom.

GLORIA WOODLAND will be teaching this modular hybrid course in the winter semester on February 20-24, 2023. Gloria was a hospital chaplain with Fraser Health in British Columbia and now is the Director of Chaplaincy at ACTS Seminaries in Langley.


CH6201 Pastoral Care: Theology of Suffering | Taught by Dr. Tim Perry

The student will, from this study, hone a robust and compassionate practice of pastoral care which reflects appropriate and authentic expressions of love in their ministry context. Out of which, they will develop an integral theology of suffering. They will wrestle with the questions around pain. Through that struggle, they will define compelling ways to communicate hope in the midst of suffering as they deliver effective pastoral care.

TIM PERRY is one of our theology professors at Providence. He will be holding this class during a week in May of 2023 that can be enjoyed online or in person. He has many years of experience doing pastoral counselling as a minister and so brings both the theory and the practice to this very foundational course.

If you’re interested in attending one (or all) of these courses, reach out to our enrollment officer below. We are here to help you.

You can find more information about our Distance Education program by clicking here. If you are confident that you are ready to apply, head to the ‘Apply Page‘ for more details.

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