About Providence

You want so much more than a career. You want to use your talents and skills to affect positive change in the world. You want spiritual mentors who can help you grow closer to God. That’s why you want the education Providence offers. By attending one of Canada’s top Christian universities, you’ll grow academically, personally, and spiritually. You’ll become a difference-maker.

Providence Community

Be part of the close-knit, caring and supportive Providence community.

Your Faith Journey

Deepen your faith through your courses and your interactions.

Accredited Education

Our accreditation means you receive an education that has value.

A History of Excellence

Our Vision

Our vision is to be identified among Canada’s foremost Christian universities as a learning community that transforms students into leaders of character, knowledge, and faith, to serve Christ in a changing world. Read our other commitments and connect with us!

Strong Leadership

Our Board of Governors, Cabinet and Senate play integral roles within the leadership of the institution. Learn more about these three governing bodies. Meet our president and learn about his inspirational story and faith walk.

Visit Providence

Answer the question ‘Why Providence’ for yourself! Providence is more than just a school – it is our home, and we would love to invite you over for a visit.