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Providence offers an extraordinary, transformative education — one that will cultivate your spiritual growth while preparing you for your future career. No matter your area of study, learn to lead with character, knowledge and faith from Christian faculty who are teachers and mentors.

We have clearly-stated program objectives for each University College area listed below. CLICK HERE for more details.

List of Programs


Achieve the well-rounded education airlines are looking for. Integrate your Christian faith while studying flight theories, training in a local airport and flying multiple airplanes. Complete the required labs and certifications needed to be a commercial pilot or flight instructor.

Biblical Studies

Discover new ways to approach and study the most important text of all time. Expand your intellectual horizon as a reader of both the Bible and the Christian theological tradition.


The interdisciplinary study of Biology and Psychology. A comprehensive program that strategically combines scientific research of both biological functions and mental processes.

Business Administration

Experience a professional learning environment that mirrors the world of business. Gain hands-on experience by participating in numerous business initiatives.

Church Ministries

Gain the skills needed to understand and relate sensitively to the needs of your congregation or local community. Get hands-on training to effectively communicate in your chosen ministry field.

Communications and Media

Gain an in-depth understanding of the social and cultural dimensions of media and how it functions. Explore and analyze cultural artifacts such as television, programs, movies and popular music. Receive the tools needed to work in Canadian mainstream media as an executive or upper-level management.

Environmental Science

COMING FALL 2024! Focusing on the science of environmental issues, Environmental Science is a multidisciplinary field of study that combines disciplines such as biology, chemistry, and geology.

Educational Leadership

Begin your transformative journey to become a visionary leader in the field of education and to make a meaningful impact on those you serve.

General Biology

Study the science of life – Biology. Explore living organisms by examining their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behaviour and origin. Gain the science pre-requisites for advanced entry into professional programs.

Health Sciences

Explore different disciplines related to health science, such as biology, anatomy, physiology, genetics, etc. and find your passion to pursue further studies.


Study English Literature, History, and Philosophy. Get to know yourself, the world, and God.

Intercultural Studies

Study cultural differences around the world, what has formed those differences, how they are currently interacting, and how they change.

Interdisciplinary Arts

Study people most broadly with a mix of social science and humanities, pairing a selected social science with a selected humanities.

Master of Management

Build on the knowledge and expertise you acquired in your undergraduate studies and develop the management skills necessary to succeed.

Pre-Professional Programs

No matter what degree program you choose, you’ll need to satisfy general education requirements. So why not fulfill those requirements in the small, intimate, Christ-centred learning environment Providence offers?


Study how humans think, feel, and behave. Learn about the causes and treatment of mental illness, the formation of beliefs and attitudes, how children develop, nature versus nurture, how the brain influences our behaviour, and much more!

Social Science

Study psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Learn what happens inside a person (psychology), between people (sociology), or within large groups of people (anthropology).


Study how human behaviour is shaped by human interaction, and how everything from our ideas about ourselves to the kind of culture we live in are created, maintained, and changed. Learn to see yourself and your world with new eyes!

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Providence TESOL training prepares students to teach English as an additional language in settings around the world. Undergraduate and Graduate degrees are available.


The B.Th. prepares students for church and parachurch ministry. Some denominations recognize the B.Th. as a suitable foundation for ordination. The Providence B.Th. is intentionally flexible, designed so students have opportunities for specialization in ways best suited for their chosen career

Training Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TTESOL)

Enrich your English teaching skills by taking the next step in teaching those desiring to teach English to speakers of other languages. Gain the training necessary to teach TESOL by improving your knowledge in Sociolinguistics and developing language curriculum. Undergraduate and Graduate degrees are available.