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Providence will provide you with the highest quality of academic programs and prepare you to be an effective spiritual leader. Acquire the knowledge, skills and experience you need to serve in ministry. Our online and distance education allows you to pursue your studies at any time, anywhere.

List of Programs

Applied Counselling

Augment your understanding of Christian counselling and improve your care-giving skills for helping ministries or professions.

Biblical and Theological Studies

A Biblical Studies Certificate will give those interested in the Bible and theology, those who want to begin a seminary education online or those involved in ministry an increased knowledge of the Bible.

Chaplaincy/Spiritual Care

While taking your Master of Arts, you can now get a major in Chaplaincy/Spiritual Care. You will gain the competencies needed for effective, compassionate spiritual care of people in long-term care, hospitals, prisons and the military.

Christian Studies

Improve your ability to serve Christ in the church and the world in a lay or para-church ministry. Gain skills for studying the Bible and theology, enabling you to articulate your faith. Have freedom in course flexibility and selection by building a schedule and course list of your choosing.

Church Ministry

Gain the basic theological knowledge as well as various skills for Christian education, administration and leadership and counselling to work within a cultural Canadian context.

Contemporary Issues in Counselling

This Post Graduate Certificate is for existing professional therapists to fulfill your professional development needs through enhanced counselling certification.


Develop the competency and knowledge to integrate your Christian worldview into mainstream practices, allowing you to effectively counsel individuals, families, couples or groups. This program offers you the flexibility to study in Manitoba or in Alberta at our extension site. Our distance options blend online, directed study and modular coursework crafted specifically for graduate students.

Counselling Psychology

Studying in our most popular program, you will enhance your knowledge of the counselling discipline and hone your therapeutic skills. This program offers you the flexibility to study online or through directed study or modular coursework designed specifically for graduate students.

Cross-Cultural Discipleship Training

Learn the effective skills for discipleship to serve in cross-cultural settings. Develop an awareness of culture, teaching principles and the ability to meet those needs.

Diploma in Biblical Counselling

Gain the skills and knowledge to equip women and men in northern communities, First Nations and Inuit settings to provide non-vocational Christian counselling.

Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry is designed to assist in increasing the competency of Christian leaders so they can achieve excellence in their current and future ministries.

Educational Studies

Expand your training for professional ministry within the church or other Christian organizations and NGO’s by receiving a theoretical background in educational philosophy within the context of ministry while specializing in one of six tracks.

Intercultural Studies

Extend your worldview and break down the “us and them” paradigm by learning about the economic, cultural and ethnic boundaries that divide people. Gain an understanding around the identity of a global community that transcends all of these divisions.

Master of Divinity

The typical prerequisite for ordained pastoral ministry in much of the church, strengthen your biblical-theological foundation to foster a love for the Word of God, grow in your love for the church, and commit to enhancing its well-being. Learn to develop people-helping skills and gain the training necessary for pastoral ministry.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Attain the skills required to teach English to speakers of other languages.

Theological Studies

Get acquainted with the work of major contributors to biblical and theological studies while gaining knowledge of current major issues in the field and bolstering your eagerness to address these issue while also contributing to the field.

Training Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TTESOL)

Expand on your TESOL skills by learning to train teachers to teach English to speakers of other languages.