CODE Mentorship Requirements

The fundamental goal of mentors is to encourage, guide and assess the student in their journey toward proficiency.


CODE requires that each student have a mentor team focused specifically on the student’s development of outcome proficiency. Such teams will comprise of an academic mentor, a contextual mentor, and a proctor or learning assistant. The contextual mentor can be recruited by the student and the contextual organization but must be approved by Providence. While the contextual mentor does not have to be employed or directly connected to the contextual agency, it is important to have the input and approval of that organization, affirming that this mentor can represent their interests. The fundamental goal of the mentors will be to encourage, guide, and assess the student in their journey toward proficiency.

Contextual Mentor

The contextual mentor will need a wealth of specific workplace experience to guide the student’s learning so that they can direct and evaluate the student. The expectation is that they will have regular opportunities to see the student in their work environment to make real-time assessments.

Academic Mentor

The academic mentor will maintain the rigour needed to keep to the academic standards required by Providence. While knowing their subject well, they will be able to be a generalist for the student’s educational purposes.

There is no hierarchy in the mentor team. They work together, coming to a consensus on each outcome assessment. Each brings a different skill set and assessment point of view on the student. Those different perspectives work together to hold the student to the expectations of each outcome. The student’s learning needs to demonstrate both the capacity to comprehend the subject thoroughly and to live it out capably.


The proctor is assigned to the student and mentor team by Providence. They will be experts on the curriculum and will support the team on questions around that. Also, they will be a support to encourage both the student and the mentor team to keep a timely pace of learning.