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Providence University College, alongside of CHVN 95.1 FM radio, are celebrating high school student athletes who shine on and off the field!

We’re awarding one local superstar “High School Student Athlete of the Month” with a Providence Pilots gift basket and special trophy! ALL nominees qualify for the grand prize.

  • Monthly Prize Packs: Crystal Crest Award and Providence Pilots Merch
  • Grand Prize: A $1,500 scholarship to Providence University

We will upload our monthly winners to this site so that you can see and read about the outstanding local high school athletes we are championing for their excellence on the field (or court), and in their churches and communities.


PEYTON KEHLER plays girls’ basketball at Steinbach Regional Secondary School (SRSS). To read her story, CLICK HERE.

GIANA DENORA, with Pilots coach Tory Walker, plays soccer and attends Dakota Collegiate. To read her story, CLICK HERE.

HAYLEY TOET, with Pilots coach Kyle Guenther, plays volleyball and attends Faith Academy. To read her story, CLICK HERE.

TOMAS BUHLER is a varsity volleyball player at Linden Christian School. To read his story, CLICK HERE.

COLIN DYCK, with Pilots Coach Pierre Dubreuil, plays basketball at Calvin Christian Collegiate. Read more HERE.

RYLEIGH SCHELLENBERG, is an all-around athlete and plays volleyball for the Rosenort Red Hawks. Read more HERE.

MOSI WILLIAMS, with Coach Giovanni, plays soccer for the Golden Valley Collegiate Zodiacs. Read more HERE.

SYDNEY LAST, all-sports’ athlete, just graduated from Carmen Collegiate. To read her story, CLICK HERE.

LUKAS KLASSEN, with Pilot’s Coach Paul Armbruster, plays volleyball at Steinbach Christian School. CLICK HERE.

GEORGIA FRIESEN, with Pilot’s Coach Kyle Guenther, plays volleyball at Green Valley School. CLICK HERE.