CODE Values

Programs and curriculum developed and delivered through CODE will be guided by the following educational values.

Contextual Learning

Framing learning within relevant contexts ensures that curricular design will be suited to the outcomes expected by employers and mission-holding agencies. These organizations must be included in the curriculum development to recognize that the product is sufficient for their needs. By learning in context, students can prove their proficiency is more than conceptual and can be trusted to handle their subjects in non-theoretical environments.

Mentored Proficiency

CODE curriculum focuses on student proficiency, allowing Providence to work outside some conventional structures, such as semesters and credit hours connected to seat time. The key is mentoring. CODE curriculum depends upon teams of academic and contextual mentors committed to each student in their context who can observe and assess the student’s development and display of proficiency.

 On-Demand Integration

CODE will fit education to the student in the time and manner they need, customized to their life situation, integrating the knowledge, skill, and character essential to a fully formed graduate. Instead of demanding that the student conforms to the structures of the school, the school will adapt to the needs of its students. The curriculum will be mapped to a ladder of requirements and products so that the student always has a way forward without loss of value and dead ends.


It is taught and designed fully within and by the community. The student is placed within a leadership context where they can receive hands-on training as they work through the assigned curriculum to prove proficiency to their mentor team.


Tailored accredited degrees, certificates or micro-credentials can all be developed in partnership with Providence. The community, business or organization creates the learning that they need. Mentor teams are jointly formed to support the student.


The base financial structure is unique to CODE. It is charged through a subscription rate. The student is charged a flat monthly fee for the duration of their studies. This allows the student to move at their own pace and only pay for the time they are in the program. If the student, for reasons outside of their control, requires a break in their studies, they can apply for a pause.