Transforming Leadership

This is a competency-based program. It is delivered in a mentored workplace context as part of our Centre for On-Demand Education (CODE).

Our Transforming Leadership programs allow you, as a learner, to develop and display the practical, intellectual, social and technical skills necessary to lead in almost any situation. We develop the whole person emotionally, socially and spiritually and equip you with the skills, knowledge and character to lead with integrity.

You are placed in a working environment and supported by mentors who guide you through a tailored set of outcomes designed to demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of leadership.

Subscription Pricing

This program is uniquely positioned to be accessible and affordable. You can access all our on-demand materials and complete your work at your own pace and we are offering subscription pricing at only $350 per month.

Program Options

Diploma | Undergraduate-Level

  • Self-Paced; On-Demand
  • Average 24-months completion

Master Degree | Graduate-Level

  • Self-Paced; On-Demand
  • Average 48-months completion


Program Outcomes

Below is a shortlist of outcomes which indicate the scope of knowledge, skills, and abilities students should possess when they graduate. A full list of outcomes and indicators are detailed in a comprehensive assessment plan that you can download HERE.

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Conflict and Crisis Resolution
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Leadership and Change
  • Management and Finance


Partnership Opportunities

We are inviting businesses and faith-based organizations to partner with us to develop on-site, mentored and customized training for your employees or ministry leaders. For more details, and to connect with our Director of the Centre for On-Demand Education (CODE), please send your email here.



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