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Student Leadership

At Providence we believe in providing you with opportunities to grow as a leader of character, knowledge and faith. By taking on leadership roles here, you’ll challenge yourself and learn valuable skills that you can take into the real world.

As early as your first year you can begin to cultivate your leadership skills by joining the member’s committee of the Student Council (STUCO). As you progress through your education, you’ll have more chances to demonstrate you have what it takes to lead. Along the way you’ll gain valuable experience outside of the classroom, make new friends and have a lot of fun, too!

Supportive Mentors

Our Student Life staff will mentor and guide you, showing you what it takes to be an exceptional leader. They’ll be accessible to you. They’ll listen. They’ll offer encouragement as you learn and improve. Our staff members lead by example and you will too. At Providence, you’ll prepare to mentor others — on campus and in the future.

Leadership Positions

Whether you’re looking to lead one day in a ministerial role, in your company, your community or your family, Providence offers many ways for you to develop into a successful leader. As a student, you can take on student leadership roles on Student Council (STUCO) or lead as a Resident Assistant (RA). If you’re a student-athlete, your hard work, team focus, positive attitude and intensity could also lead to a future role as a team captain.

Student Council (STUCO)
Help shape the student experience at Providence by joining STUCO. As a first-year student, you can be part of the member’s committee and help plan events, from coffeehouses and worship services to movie and discussion nights, as well as our annual missions conference, Missio Dei and the Christmas banquet. In the winter semester, you can run for leadership positions for the following fall.

Within STUCO students can get involved in various committees including:

  • Spiritual Life Committee
  • Inter-Class Committee (elected reps from each class)
  • Communications and Media Committee
  • Local Missions Committee
  • Global Missions Committee
  • Athletics Committee
  • International Student Committee (typically comprised of international students)
  • Commuter Student Committee
  • Social Life Committee
Resident Assistant (RA)

Being an RA is one of the best ways to live and learn as a servant-leader among your peers. RAs are hired by the Resident Directors based on character, leadership ability and the desire to grow as a leader. As an RA you’ll be assigned to a residence hall where you’ll oversee 10-15 students. You’ll run weekly Care Groups for your hall and be there to listen and give advice to residents when they need it. You’ll help lead all-residence events and other campus activities alongside Student Life staff.

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