Serve in communities of faith and its outreaches

Our Bachelor of Theology will equip you with the necessary skills for effective service in churches and worship settings, youth ministries, outreach programs and other para-church organizations. You’ll gain insight from the historical roots and contemporary characteristics of the church, and you’ll be trained to understand and relate sensitively to the needs of congregations and local communities.

Your BTh studies will follow one of five tracks: Youth Leadership, Worship Studies, Pastoral Ministries, Christian Education or Church Administration.

Information Sessions

Join us on one of our information sessions to hear more about the program, application/admission process and what makes Providence a unique place for you to get your university education. You can find upcoming sessions here (under University College Sessions).

Major Options
BTh Theology Program Track 4 Years
Biblical & Theological Studies 1 Year
Program Details

Program Tracks

Pastoral Ministries

Prepare to put your ministry training to use as a pastor or church educator.

Youth Leadership

Integrate theological concepts with practical approaches to working with children, teenagers and their families in a ministry setting.

Worship Studies

Integrate biblical studies and theology into the practical studies of worship.

Christian Education

Combine your care for others and knowledge of the Bible and theology in an educational setting.

Christian Administration

Gain the practical skills you’ll need to lead a church or ministry in an administrative role.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please look to the Academic Calendar for full information and course lists. If there are discrepancies between the information listed here and in the Academic Calendar, the Academic Calendar is definitive.

Range of Courses
  • 451.11 Foundations of Christian Worship
  • 411.41 Pastoral Theology
  • 411.42 Pastoral Ethics
  • 413.31 Homiletics I
  • 211.26 History of Christianity I
  • 471.11 Introduction to Management
  • 472.12 Organization Behaviour
  • 411.32 Senior Seminar in Practical Theology

Christopher R. Lortie, Ph.D. (Program Coordinator)
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Michael Gilmour, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of New Testament & English Literature

Heather Macumber, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Career Options
Graduates build careers in church and parachurch ministries as this degree allows students to specialize in ways best suited for their chosen career.