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Sexual Violence Resource Centre

Emergency contacts

› If you or someone else is in immediate danger, please call 911.
› If you are in immediate danger on the Otterburne campus, call our emergency line at 431-334-4999.


Sexual violence affects people of all ages, genders and sexual orientations. At Providence, we are committed to providing our post-secondary community with a respectful and safe work/learning environment. We want to ensure that survivors of sexual violence receive the supports they need to succeed both personally and academically.

Get Support

Anyone who is disclosing an incident of Sexual Violence has a right to:

  1. Be believed,
  2. Be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect,
  3. Not be punished for revealing that they broke minor rules relevant to the incident,
  4. Be informed about on and off campus services and resources,
  5. Confidentiality, as long as someone’s safety is not at risk
  6. Decide whether or not to access available services and to choose those services,
  7. Decide whether to report to the school and/or local police,
  8. Have a safety plan, and
  9. Have reasonable and necessary actions taken to prevent further unwanted contact

*Note: Although we will maintain your privacy as much as we can, if someone is in danger (or if you are under 18), then we cannot promise to keep your secret. See our policy for details.

If you have experienced Sexual Violence, it can often be difficult to talk about what happened. For this reason, we have a training program for every full-time staff and faculty member and every student leader so that they know how to properly respond if you tell them about sexual violence that you experienced. If you want to tell someone at the school, please feel free to go to the person who you are most comfortable with, and they will be able to help you. You can bring a friend with you if you want, or you can send an email.

For Counselling Services, contact Angelle Arinobu.

Support for Survivors

We are here to support you in the ways you want and develop a safety plan for you.
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You can report an incident of sexual violence online or in person to a compassionate responder.
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Providence is committed to helping you. You can access additional educational resources such as our policy and ‘Healthy Relationships’ video.
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Contact the Compassionate Responders