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Spiritual Life

We are a Christian community that travels the journey of faith together. Providence graduates are leaders in their churches, workplaces and neighbourhoods because of the spiritual formation they’ve received here.

Worship and Growth

A Christ-centred approach informs every course we teach, and chapel times bring the community together for praise, prayer and contemplation. Other events such as Missio Dei and the Day of Prayer are also part of spiritual life on campus.

Day of Prayer

The Providence Day of Prayer begins with a time of worship at midnight and continues until the following afternoon. A campus prayer walk is followed by two sessions – one before lunch and one after – and there are numerous prayer stations participants can attend throughout the event.

Missio Dei

Missio Dei is a missions conference organized by the students, faculty and staff of Providence. This event highlights the global nature of Christianity and focuses on the marrying of gospel proclamation with social action. During the conference, our classes are cancelled so all can attend the two keynote addresses and variety of workshops and panel discussions. We also host a marketplace in the evening where both International and Canadian students can showcase their cultural talents and knowledge. Missio Dei is open to the Providence community as well as the general public, and offers all participants the opportunity to explore missions in its many forms.

Missio Dei means “The Sending of God".

Wednesday at 11:10am

Students, staff and faculty worship together each Wednesday. Community chapels feature a creative mix of music, prayer and proclamation while providing an opportunity for the entire Providence community to meet as one. We believe that worshipping together produces a stronger community.

Tuesday at 11:10am

This chapel, presided over by the University College Dean, helps the Providence community engage biblical text in a meaningful way. A liturgy of song and scripture allows participants to connect with a style of worship that has been in use for centuries.

Friday at 11:10am

Friday chapel times are organized by the Student Council’s Spiritual Life Committee. They enable significant participation and the opportunity for students to connect with one another. STUCO chapels will include times of singing, prayer and discipleship, as well as other creative outlets in which participants can connect with one another and with God.