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Seminary Admissions

We’re delighted you’re interested in Providence Theological Seminary! Through your studies here you’ll cultivate your leadership skills while developing your knowledge and growing your faith. You’ll receive an education of the highest standards — one that will prepare you to more deeply serve Christ.


COVID-19 Update

Our Seminary Enrollment Officers are available to talk to you about our application/admission process. They are working from home but are available to talk by phone, email or even video chat. You can still look forward to your graduate studies, and we are here to help!


International Students

Click here to visit the International Student Admissions page to start your application

Domestic Students

If you are a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, US Citizen or Permanent Resident of the US, this section is for you. If you have any questions regarding the application/admissions process, please do not hesitate to contact your enrollment officer directly, or if you have not been in contact with us before. The Entrance Requirements and Application checklist can be found on this page below.

Starting your application

When you start your application, you will receive an email from Providence University College & Theological Seminary with a link to your application form. Please keep this email as it will allow you to log back into your application in case you are still working on it (otherwise, you will have to start your application all over again). Make sure to check your spam folder for this email. If you have already started the application, but cannot find the email with the link, please let us know and we will resend you the email. You can email us at or contact your assigned enrollment officer directly.

Application Forms - Theological Seminary

Please select the relevant application form from the list below. Make sure to go through the Application Checklist below to ensure you also send any additional application documents that may be required. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your enrollment officer or call us toll-free at 1-800-668-7768 or 204-433-7488, or by email at

Application Form - MA in Counselling, MA in Counselling Psychology, and Certificates (Applied Counselling and Post-Graduate Counselling Certificate)

Application Form - all other Masters programs and Certificates

Application Form - Doctor of Ministry

Application Form - Special Student


Making the decision to enroll in a Graduate Program is a big one! Just know that we are here to help you along this exciting journey! Call or Email Us so we can walk with you.

We welcome students from the United States to join our diverse community. US students pay Canadian tuition rates! Learn More

If you need more information about a program, fill out our Information Request Form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Follow this application checklist to make sure you don't miss a step:

  • Complete and submit online application, including:
    • Autobiographical essay (12 pt., single-spaced, 400 words minimum)
    • Self-study (Doctor of Ministry applicants only)
    • Applicant Agreement/Covenant of Community Life affirmation
  • Provide a recent photo of yourself only (no larger than 2" x 2.5")
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee ($50 for Canadian/USA students; $150 for international students)
  • Pay the $70 fee for EQ-I assessment if applying for Applied Counselling / Counselling / Counselling Psychology / M.Div. Pastoral Counselling track / M.A. Educational Studies Student Development track (applicable to Canadian/USA/International Students)
  • Vulnerable Sector/Child Abuse Registry and Criminal Record Check (or equivalents) for Applied Counselling / Counselling / Counselling Psychology / M.Div Pastoral Counselling track / M.A. Educational Studies Student Development track (applicable to Canadian/USA/International Students). Obtain from your local law enforcement and/or provincial family services agency, email copy of results, keep originals.
  • Pay the non-refundable deposit of $800 if a Doctor of Ministry applicant
  • Arrange submission of official post-secondary transcripts
  • Secure the following (these are also fillable forms that you can send to your referee to submit to us directly to
  • Request housing information by contacting the Student Services Coordinator
  • Sign and return the EQ-i Consent Form (if applying for Applied Counselling / Counselling / Counselling Psychology / M.Div. Pastoral Counselling track / M.A. Educational Studies Student Development track)
  • Complete the EQ-I Test, which will be sent to you via email after you have completed the application (this applies only to Applied Counselling / Counselling / Counselling Psychology / M. Div. Pastoral Counselling track / M.A. Educational Studies Student Development track)
  • Send your completed application to:

Enrollment Office
Providence Theological Seminary
10 College Crescent
Otteburne, MB R0A 1G0

Toll Free: 1-800-668-7768
Fax: 204-433-7158

Application Policy

In admitting students, Providence does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sex, nationality or ethnic origin. Personal information in your application packet is used solely to facilitate your application process. 

In admitting students, Providence does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sex, nationality or ethnic origin. Personal information in your application packet is used solely to facilitate your application process.

In keeping with our mission to serve the church by preparing and nurturing Christian leaders, admission to Seminary is granted to those who show evidence of faith in Jesus Christ, are yielded to His will for their lives, and meet the academic prerequisites of the Seminary.

Once admitted to the Seminary, you may register for courses offered in any of the degree programs as long as you meet the prerequisites. Although you may apply for a particular degree program, the Seminary's policy is not to admit matriculating students directly to any program. After one semester for two-year programs or two semesters for three-year programs, you'll be considered by the faculty for formal admission to a degree program, based on faculty evaluation of your Christian character, scholastic ability and your potential for ministry in your desired discipline. Students have one year from their stated start date to enroll in a class at PTS. An extra four-month extension can be granted, and must be requested in writing. If enrollment is not accomplished at this point, all Application documents will be shredded.

If you're denied entry to the program of your choice, you may be advised to enter a different program more compatible with your gifts, or denied admission to any program. If you have accumulated 30 hours of credit (in the case of three-year program applicants), you may be allowed to graduate with a Certificate of Theological Studies.

You may not take more than 45 credit hours without formal acceptance into a program.

All students entering studies at Providence Theological Seminary are admitted only to the Seminary and not to a degree program. Thus, all students admitted are on probation for either one semester (for those in certificate and two-year M.A. programs) or two semesters (for those in the three-year programs). If a student is judged by the faculty (or by the Academic Committee acting on its behalf) to have character, emotional, or academic aspects which would hinder effective ministry or the successful completion of the program they desire to enter, they may be denied entry to that program.

Academic Prerequisites

In addition to a completed application and references, you're required to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. You must have attained a minimum GPA of 2.5 (on a 4-point scale) in the last 2 full years of study (60 credit hours). Some programs may specify a higher GPA requirement or additional prerequisites, listed in the degree program descriptions. If you do not have a recognized degree you may qualify for admission as a Mature (over age 30) student or Non-Accredited Degree student.

Note: Particular prerequisites may be required depending on the program you choose. Please see the degree program descriptions in the Academic Catalogue.

Probationary Acceptance Students

Probationary acceptance may be offered to students who meet all admissions criteria except the entrance GPA requirement. Students with an entrance GPA between 2.0 and 2.5 may be considered but admission is not guaranteed. Probationary conditions will apply and will be assigned on a case-by-case basis by the Admissions Committee. Conditions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Enrolling in a certificate program in the first semester
  • Mandatory participation in tutoring services
  • Limited course load
  • Mandatory enrollment in assigned courses
  • Regular meetings with a faculty advisor
  • Completion of additional undergraduate credits prior to or concurrent with Seminary enrollment

Reassessment for Regular Student status and formal acceptance to a program will occur at least one semester after probationary conditions have been met.

Regular Students

All students who have met the entrance requirements are classified as regular students (probationary status not-withstanding). Those taking nine or more credit hours per semester are considered full-time; those taking fewer are considered part-time.

Mature Students & Non-Accredited Degree Students

If you haven't obtained a Bachelor's Degree you may be able to apply as a mature student. You must be at least 30 years old and be able to demonstrate academic aptitude through one of the following:

  • Submit an official GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score. Minimum scores of 153 in the verbal section and 4.5 in the analytical section are required. Providence's institutional code for the GRE is 6585.
  • If you have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4-point scale) from another graduate institution you may be considered for admission if the other graduate institution is considered equivalent to Providence.
  • Submit an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) portfolio for assessment. Fees apply.

If you have a degree from a non-accredited institution you can apply as a Non-Accredited Degree student. There is no age restriction.

Note: The Association of Theological Schools (ATS), our accrediting body, limits the number of students we can admit as Mature or Non-Accredited degree students, except in cases where students' RPL portfolio or Non-Accredited Degree is determined to be the educational equivalent of an accredited Bachelor's Degree.

You will be assessed according to program vacancies, and the merits of you application. If you're entering the M.A. (Theological Studies) or the M.A. (Christian Studies) programs, you're not eligible for Mature or Non-Accredited Degree status.

USA Students

Learn More

International Students

There are special requirements for international students applying to Providence as well as English Language requirements.

See Requirements

Special Students

Students who wish to take courses at Providence but are not ready to complete a full application at the time may submit an Special Student Application for special student status. Students can take a maximum of 15 credit hours of study after which, a full application to Providence Theological Seminary is required to take further classes. Students may take any courses for which they meet the prerequisites (students wishing to take Seminary courses must provide an undergraduate degree prior to registration).

Continuing Education Units

Some professional organizations require continuing education units to maintain credentials in the organization. Seminary courses can be taken for continuing education units. Students may request a transcript for the course that can be used as proof to the credentialing organization. Whether the course can be audited or must be taken for credit is up to the credentialing organization. Credit or audit fees apply, as well as a fee for an official transcript.


Students auditing courses are not required to complete assignments or take examinations but may attend classes for their personal enrichment. Those who audit courses receive no credit, but must register and attend classes regularly if they wish the audited course to appear on their transcript. Changes from audit to credit or from credit to audit must be made during the first two weeks of the semester. Some courses may be closed to auditors. All audits are subject to the instructor's approval. Please contact the Registrar's Office for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there are discrepancies between the credit transfer information listed here and in the Academic Calendar, the Academic Calendar is definitive.

As a student at Providence, you agree to live according to our Covenant of Community Life.

Entrance scholarships and bursaries are available for both part-time and full-time studies. Please click the link below to learn more.