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Welcome Week Event Image 2021

Welcome Week 2021

September 5 - 11

Our theme is ‘Exploration: We Recognize that Faith is a Journey.’ 

Welcome Week begins September 5 and runs till September 11. Be ready for a great time meeting all your fellow classmates and having a ton of fun, while getting settled into university life!

Here's a quick snapshot of what's happening:

Sept 6:  Staggered arrival of all new students starts at 12 pm

Sept 6:  ProvCup Games -- you won't want to miss it!

Sept 7:  Academic Orientation

Sept 8:  Classes Begin, Commuter Pizza Party and Bonfire

Sept 9:  'Meet Your Neighbor' Ice Cream Party

Sept 10: Welcome Banquet

Sept 11: BBQ and a free concert featuring Winnipeg band 'Bold as Lions'

For more information, you can view a full schedule here.