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Why Attend Preview Prov

Mar 10, 2023 | Events, News, University College

by Madison Franks, Student Writer

OTTERBURNE, MB – Last Fall (2022), Providence opened its campus to more than 80 high school students in an event known as Preview Prov. This was the first time since COVID that our Providence community could host prospective students in-person!

Experiencing a Christian University Community

It was also the first time many of our current student body participated in the event. “We often think Preview Prov is for our visiting high school students. While that is true, I think it’s just as much for the current university students,” says Residence Life Director, Teah Goossen. “We have a rare thing going on here in residence – this is a space where we live, learn, grow and worship together. It is good for us to invite others into this space.”

The gathering of so many people together, both current and prospective students, was something we’d grown unaccustomed to due to COVID, but it really was a godly thing; in effect it was an answer to the call to community that God desires for His people! In the words of one of the high school attendees, “I learned the most from the Providence students!”

I am in my third university year and I found it beneficial to know that I could help someone make a decision about where they spend their next four-or-so years.

Learning about Providence Programs First Hand

I didn’t have a chance to attend an in-person preview event before I made my decision to study at Providence, but I feel it would have made my transition to university smoother and more peaceful. Preview Prov is so exciting because it helps you feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar space, something that is valuable for every student. “Preview Prov is a chance to explore and make an informed decision on your next step,” explains Teah.

While knowing that Providence offers a Christian post-secondary education, the same high school student quoted above was surprised to find out about all the programs, and extracurricular activities that occur on our campus in addition to the biblical courses they could take. “Going in, all I knew was that Providence was a Christian university and had good educational opportunities. During Preview Prov, I learned about their dedication to sports and their impressive Aviation program.”

One of Providence’s core values is ‘Academic Excellence.’ Our university offers a wide variety of programs including Aviation, Business, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, Psychology and so much more.

Living in Residence

Although academics are one rewarding part of Providence life, another is the aspect of community that residence life brings, and one high school attendee thought that “Preview Prov did a wonderful job of displaying what attending [Providence] is actually like.” Students get a chance to stay in dorm overnight with a current university student as a roommate, which is a very cool and unique opportunity that helps you get a feeling of what residence living is like!

Taking Studies that Prepare You for Meaningful Careers

In discussions around the significance of Preview Prov, Teah shared some more insights, “The goal of Providence isn’t just to write exams and papers, or even to graduate. The goal is to be equipped to make an impact on this world – to be difference makers.”

It is exciting to show future students that Providence cares about their education and their future career opportunities, but also to give them an opportunity to experience how Providence cares about them as whole people. Providence provides character-building opportunities to help students grow in knowledge, faith and service. The goal is to form leaders who strengthen their relationship with the Lord and one another.

It’s Not Too Late to Attend our Spring Preview Prov

To all the high school students out there, I highly recommend coming to Preview Prov. It is an opportunity to get to know the current students and professors, and also to get more familiar with the campus itself and what the daily life of a student looks like. One of the high school attendees at our Fall Preview Prov was quick to share their favorite part, “I loved interacting with students, staff and faculty, and spending time in the dorms!”

Preview Prov is happening again on March 17th and 18th. If you are in grade 10, 11 or 12, we encourage you to sign up at prov.ca/preview.