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Soar to Your Future Career

Whether you want to be a flight instructor or a private, commercial, military, MedEvac or missionary pilot, you can gain hands-on Aviation training and grow in your Christian faith through the diverse learning community at Providence University College. In addition to Aviation certificates and diplomas, Providence is one of the few Canadian universities to offer Bachelor’s degrees in Aviation. Providence partners with Harv’s Air in Steinbach, MB, which has been training pilots from all over the world since 1973. Thanks to our in-classroom simulator and a wide range of airplanes at Harv’s Air, you’ll fly a variety of single and multi-engine planes while logging valuable instrument training hours. Combine your flight training with a minor in Business Administration or Intercultural Studies and you’ll have a powerful degree, infused with a Christian worldview, that will expand your future career options.


Since I came to Providence I have been on a life-changing journey. Providence has not only given me the high-level education I was looking for but has also brought many amazing people into my life. 

- Bardia Salimkhani / 2017 BA Aviation

4 Years
Bachelor of Arts
Aviation Advanced Major
4 Years
Bachelor of Arts
Aviation Double Major
3 Years
Bachelor of Arts
Aviation Major
2 Years
Combine with any Major

For Entrance into the Aviation program

A Class 1 Medical is required for entrance into the Aviation major and a Class 3 medical is required if you are only completing the Aviation minor (your Private Pilot License only). These medical tests must be completed by an aviation medical examiner. For more information, contact an enrollment officer today.

Flight Camp Information

In order for you to begin flying, Harv's Air and Providence require that you complete a flight camp which takes place before the beginning of classes on campus. Students must have the following documents with them for the flight camp

  • Canadian Aviation Medical Category 1
  • Proof of Citizenship (at least TWO of the following:)
    • Birth Certificate
    • Valid Passport
    • Driver's License

Students must also purchase Flight Kits and the Private Pilot Ground School Exercise Courses and must prepare for a PSTAR exam during the flight camp. The material needed has been provided below. Students need a 90% on the PSTAR Exam as well as an acceptable flight evaluation to pass the Camp Assessment. A satisfactory Camp Assessment and passing of the PSTAR Exam will allow you to continue in the Aviation program.

The full cost of the Flight Camp is $4186.15. The cost of the camp MUST be paid at the Business Office and all flying expenses paid to Harv's Air prior to the start of the camps. Costs are subject to change.

PDF Domestic Student Aviation Tuition & Fees: 2 year Diploma, 3 year Aviation Major, 4 year Advanced Major

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please look to the Academic Calendar for full information and course lists. If there are discrepancies between the information listed here and in the Academic Calendar, the Academic Calendar is definitive.

  • Basic Flight Theory
  • PDM/CRM/SMS and Operational Flying
  • Multi-Engine Instrument Flying
  • Instructor Flight Training
  • Radio Communication
  • Advanced Practical Training

Flight Labs

  • Tail Wheel
  • Float
  • Multi-Engine
  • Aerobatic
  • Private
  • Commercial
  • Advanced Instrument
  • Advanced Navigation

Heath Holden (Program Coordinator)Vice President Administration, CFO

Aaron Doherty Instructor of Aviation

Graduates build careers as commercial, medical and private pilots and flight instructors.