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Faculty Feature: Nate Wall-Bowering

Aug 25, 2023 | News, Theological Seminary

New Seminary Professor, Nate Wall-Bowering, will help students live their calling from inside the rich world of scripture.

“The Bible is a wild and gorgeous place. I wake up looking for any chance to climb into its pages with others,” says Nate Wall-Bowering. Recently hired to bolster the Seminary’s Department of Bible & Theology, Nate (PhD candidate) will begin teaching at the campus in Otterburne, MB in September.

For Nate, the Old Testament is far more than ancient literature; it is an “evergreen book” that is to be lived, not merely “pinned down like a dead butterfly.” Indeed, bubbling up from the Old Testament is the bulk of church music and art, traditions of prayer and protest and social action, and of course the New Testament and Jesus himself. It is “the fountain of the whole Christian life,” so “why not drink deep from the source?” he asks. “In my classroom,” he says, “we study these books as if our lives depend on them. And they really might.”

Formerly an instructor at Redeemer University and Wycliffe College, Nate’s own scholarship has been driven by the question, “How does the Old Testament speak as Christian Scripture?” His search for an answer has led him to study the way Christian poets and preachers read the Old Testament – focusing in his doctoral work on the 17th century English writer, John Donne, who interconnected biblical words and images with things past, present, and future because he believed this reflected God’s own “style” of speaking.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Nate says the move to Providence feels like “coming home,” and looks forward to being reacquainted with “January in the prairies.” In his spare time, he enjoys reading, cooking, drumming, long distance running, and hiking with his wife, Julia. He also looks forward to putting on skates and introducing his young son, Beau, to the ice.

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