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Competency-Based Education: Top Ten

Feb 23, 2024 | CODE, Events, News

The Top Ten Reasons for Considering Competency-Based Education

One of the most common questions that children and adolescents are asked is what they want to be when they “grow up.” Some have a clear picture of their dream job, while others are undecided. People often change their minds over time, and it is also increasingly common for people to change careers – even multiple times throughout their lives. Regardless, when clarity is found regarding the “what” of employment, the “how” of getting there is closely connected.

By and large, attending university remains the leading means to gain access to a wide range of professional opportunities. However, the traditional four-year, on-campus model of learning is not for everyone. For this reason, Providence is creating new pathways for students to choose from – including its Centre for On-Demand Education (a.k.a. “CODE”). To help meet the need for skilled workers and to serve adults who want to earn credits towards a post-secondary diploma or degree, CODE offers Competency-Based programming that focuses on proficiency rather than time spent in a classroom setting.

Is Competency-Based Education a good option for you? Let’s find out. Here are the top ten reasons to consider Competency-Based learning.

10. It’s AFFORDABLE: Costs are significantly lower than regular tuition rates and are by subscription, which means students can pause and resume their education at their convenience.

9. It’s ON-DEMAND: Learning is self-paced, which means that students have more control over their short- and long-term schedules than in a typical on-campus classroom situation.

8. It’s FLEXIBLE: Because training takes place asynchronously, students are able to earn their degree in a way that fits their own unique circumstances.

7. It’s CONVENIENT: Much of the programming is facilitated online, meaning that students can complete tasks remotely from home and/or one’s workplace.

6. It’s PRACTICAL: Competency-Based Education is skills-based, which takes into consideration a student’s prior experience and focuses on developing relevant new abilities.

5. It’s CONTEXTUAL: Learning is tailored and customizable to the context where a student is working or within the field where one hopes to find employment.

4. It’s EFFICIENT: Instead of being required to take a number of courses that aren’t specifically relevant to one’s educational interests, students are able to target and refine desired proficiencies.

3. It’s ACCREDITED: From micro-credentialing to graduate degrees, the hands-on training that students receive through a Competency-Based approach is fully accredited.

2. It’s GUIDED: Students are encouraged and supported in their learning by a team of mentors who are key guides in the process of self-discovery and skill acquisition.

1. It’s AVAILABLE: Providence is currently offering two Competency-Based programs – Transforming Leadership and Media Production Arts – with more in development.

Interested in learning more? Attend the upcoming virtual book launch on March 14th at 2pm (CT) for the forthcoming Theological Education: Principles and Practices of a Competency-Based Approach, which was co-authored by Providence President Kenton Anderson.

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