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CODE: On the Ground

Apr 15, 2024 | CODE

Otterburne, MB – Since the official launch of Providence’s Centre for On-Demand Education in 2022, one common question has been how it looks “on the ground.” After all, considering a new approach to learning theoretically is quite different from knowing how it functions in practice. This is definitely the case with the Competency-Based methodology of CODE – some advantages of which are outlined HERE. However, are there any examples of people and organizations who are actually part of this program? We’re glad you asked.

One community partner that many will recognize is Adult and Teen Challenge of Central Canada, who operate recovery programs across the province. ATC is a faith-based global initiative established in 1958 that seeks to “provide communities, families and individuals freedom from the impact of life-controlling addictions.” One primary way this is accomplished is through their Long-Term Programs, such as SURGE (a.k.a. “Servant Hearted, Unreserved, Responsible, Godly and Excellent”). Their mentor-guided leadership training initiative was recently accredited in partnership with Providence and provides graduates of this 18-month program with an Emerging Leaders Program certificate.

Another place that CODE is operating is through ministry networks like Missouri’s Theological Education Initiative (TEI). While conventional models of degree programs through seminaries are appealing and attainable for some, there is a growing need for others to pursue their education while in full-time ministry situations. Because of its affordable, accessible and applicable format, the Centre for On-Demand Education is able to provide context-specific credentialing to those who might otherwise not be able to pursue graduate-level studies. One recent example is Pastor Adam Snell from Higher Ground Church in Missouri, who is enrolled in the Transforming Leadership program.

Interested in hearing more about how Competency-Based Education might work for you? Join our next virtual session on Thursday, April 18th @ 2pm Central. Register at Prov.ca/CODE411.