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Winter 2021

We want to see you this Winter 2021 semester!

Together, we weathered a very different-looking fall semester in the midst of a global pandemic, and we’ve learned some things along the way. We’ve developed new levels of patience, flexibility and resiliency. We’ve worked to master new technologies and to find new ways to connect. We’ve created academic experiences that inspire passion for learning and lasting connections.

We are looking forward to our Winter 2021 semester, and we want you to be a part of it! We will provide course content in a variety of formats, helping to make the learning experience accessible to everybody. In-person class participation will continue as the #RestartMB COVID-19 Response System levels allow. Online engagement will also continue in all of our classes, allowing for synchronous and asynchronous participation.

Check back regularly for updates on our webpage!

Winter 2021 At A Glance


Can I still live in residence during the winter semester?

Residences will operate at about 50% capacity as we’re only offering single occupancy rooms. We’ve set best practices, safety protocols and sanitization procedures in place for every aspect of residence life.

If you want to reserve your spot to live in residence, and/or if you have any questions, contact our Residence Life Director.

What will mealtime in the cafeteria look like?

We’re working with our meal provider, Sodexo, to provide a clean and safe eat-in environment. There will be a limit on the number of people in the dining room at one time, and buffet/salad bar options will no longer be available. Delivery of take-out meals from the cafeteria will be available for residence students who are in isolation or quarantine. 

How will students be able to physically distance on campus?

Providence adheres to physical distancing protocols as outlined by Canada Public Health. Our entire Providence community must practice six-feet apart distancing on campus.

We’ve removed furniture and reconfigured campus spaces to allow for physical distancing. In some cases, we’ve installed Plexiglas shields as an extra layer of protection in the Library and Welcome Centre.

We’ve put floor decals and directional signage throughout our hallways and staircases to facilitate a safe flow of traffic. Masks are mandatory in all indoor spaces on campus, including shared common areas in our residences.

What do I do if I feel sick?

All members of the Providence Community and guests to Providence are required to sign a screening and safety agreement prior to their first visit to campus. The agreement includes a commitment to follow the protocols as outlined in the Providence COVID-19 Policy.

Prior to any visit to the Providence campus, all community members and guests must screen themselves by answering the following questions. (Further information on screening can be found here):

  1. Am I currently experiencing a new onset of any of the following symptoms: Fever/chills, cough, loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea for more than 24 hours, sore throat/hoarse voice, shortness of breath? (Note: Call 911 immediately if you are experiencing severe symptoms or difficulty breathing.)
  2. Am I currently experiencing a new onset of TWO OR MORE of the following symptoms: runny nose, muscle aches, fatigue, conjunctivitis (pink eye), headache, nausea or loss of appetite, skin rash of unknown origin?
  3. Have I been in close contact with someone that is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19?
  4. Have I travelled to any location outside of Manitoba in the last 14 days that requires a 14 day quarantine period upon return, or have Manitoba health officials recommended that I self-isolate or quarantine?

If the answer to ANY of the above questions is “yes,” you should immediately go home to self-isolate and you are NOT permitted to enter the Providence campus. If you have answered “yes” to questions one or two, you must complete the self-screening tool or call Health Links at 1-888-315-9257 to seek medical advice and information about COVID-19 testing. Local public health officials will advise you of your next steps based on your test results and will be in contact with Providence if necessary.

If you live in residence or in Turner, you are required to call the Emergency On-Call Phone 204-746-4785 IMMEDIATELY for further instructions on self-isolation.

Will the Otterburne campus close?

We have a plan in place so that students can remain on-campus in residence.

In the case that you, as a student, need to self-isolate or quarantine, you will be moved to designated on-campus accommodations with access to a private bathroom. For full details, read our ‘Student Quarantine Protocols’ in our COVID-19 Policy.

How is the split going to work between in-class and on-line coursework?

In our University College, one half of the course block is face-to-face interactions in class or  through Zoom video conferencing (synchronous). And the other half block is online coursework done remotely on your own time (asynchronous).

Our Seminary courses will run as scheduled. These courses will be taught on the Otterburne campus (or the Calgary extension site) using online, module and hybrid delivery. Most courses will have a live Zoom option for lectures and a recorded version that you can view at a later time.

What kind of technology and content will be offered?

Some of the technology our courses will offer include: video conferencing (Zoom), pre-recorded video instruction, online group work and virtual small group interactions.

This winter, learning will be flexible. For instance, if you get sick and can’t make it to a synchronous class, you have the option of watching the recorded lecture at a later time so you can easily catch up and complete coursework on time.

If I’m studying from home, what types of technology are required?

You will need access to the Internet and a device (i.e. laptop). Access to a webcam and microphone are highly recommended, but not required. Most laptops already have a built-in camera and microphone that can be used for video conferencing.

When you register for your winter courses at Providence, you are provided with free access to MS Office 365 and a login to Populi which is used to communicate with professors and add/drop classes, as well as access grades, transcripts and billing statements.

If I’m a science student, what should I expect? Will I have access to the campus and lab equipment?

For science students, classes will be partly online and partly in class face-to-face. Likewise, many labs will have an online component and an in-lab component so students will still learn vital skills and practice techniques. There’ll be a cap on the number of students allowed in the classroom or lab at one time. Lab safety policies ensure a safe space for all, and these will continue to be in effect with the added precaution of physical distancing.

Will I have access to the library?

The library will be accessible to students who are living on (or commuting to) the Otterburne campus. The library also has a large, online e-book collection that can be accessed remotely when needed. Physical distancing safeguards are now in place. Some study carrels have been moved to accommodate distancing requirements and Plexiglas is installed at certain library stations for extra protection.

When does registration for winter courses open?

Registration is open now. The Winter 2021 Course Schedule is available on Contact your academic advisor if you have questions or need assistance.