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Alum, Waedon Dueck, Shares His Prov Experience

Aug 2, 2023 | Alumni Stories, News, University College

by Grace Sandulak

From student-athlete to employee and coach, Waedon Dueck won back-to-back basketball championships – first as a player and second as an assistant coach! He graduated from Providence in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Health Sciences, and taking a double minor in Mathematics and Biblical Studies.

OTTERBURNE, MB – Waedon came to Providence in the Fall of 2018. He chose Providence because he wanted a Christian education. He was really interested in science but also wanted to pursue biblical studies on the side. His older brother, Will, was already attending Providence which made an impact on him. The draw to basketball came through Will who played for the Pilots on the men’s basketball varsity team.

“I remember Waedon in his first year. He was this skinny kid from Carman who wanted to have an impact on the people around him and help bring them to Jesus,” reminisced Basketball Head Coach, Pierre Dubreuil.

“Very early on, his dedication to the team, his fighting spirit on the court, and his willingness to sacrifice for the team led him on the path to success. Starting almost every game in his first season, it became quickly evident that Waedon had the potential to grow and become a very good player. Fast forward four years, Waedon transformed himself in many aspects. On the athletic side, he developed a strong body, allowing him to go head-to-head with some taller players in our league. As his understanding of the game grew, his impact on our team’s success was undeniable, leading him and his teammates to our first MCAC championship in 2022.” 

“But to me, Waedon has grown the most off the court. He took on the spiritual captain responsibility in year two, then carried on as a captain for his last two years with the program. I had countless discussions with Waedon, challenging him in many areas of his life. I have always seen him taking on new challenges and responsibilities with success.”

Waedon says a huge part of the reason he chose to come to Providence was the new Health Science program. Being able to pursue his interest in the healthcare field while studying the Bible and playing basketball was like a dream come true.

His Science Professor, Dr. Rebecca Dielschneider, shared that Waedon Dueck was an ideal student. “He attended class, participated in class activities and discussions, produced excellent work, engaged in chapels and student events, won several awards, and consistently made it on the Dean’s list. Waedon is certainly a high achiever. One semester, he took six courses (well over a full course load), and still earned a perfect 4.0 GPA that semester!”

“It was a joy to see him not only excel in the classroom, but also in athletics and student leadership as Student Council President. He genuinely cared about his studies, his sport, and his fellow students. He regularly merged his passions of science and athletics in course assignments and projects. In Human Disease, Waedon’s big poster project investigated the negative effects of sedentary behaviours. In Topics in Health Research, one of the research articles he presented in class explored cardiac function and changes in NBA players – certainly a fitting topic for a student like Waedon (a basketball player with a big heart).

For Waedon, he feels that Providence set him up for success wherever he goes in the future. Now that he has graduated, he decided to take a break from studies and chose to work for a few years before earning a master’s degree. He currently works in the Enrollment department at Providence and says, “I want to share my experience as a Prov student and show prospective students how they could grow academically and in their faith all while being a part of a genuine university community.”

Coach Dubreuil says that Waedon is the first of his four-year student-athletes that graduated, and he knew that he could not let him go just yet. So, for the 2022-23 season, Waedon joined the Pilots’ coaching staff, carrying on his legacy as an assistant coach. He continued to impact his former teammates as well as the new players, and helped the team to another MCAC Championship, capping off an undefeated season. “I know that Waedon is appreciated and respected by all our players. I am very happy he chooses to stay at Providence for a few more years, impacting the next generations of students with his passion and love for the Lord.” 

When asked about basketball, Waedon says, “It has been an incredible experience to be a part of back-to-back championship winning teams. Being an assistant coach has given me a different perspective of the game. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to continue to be a part of Providence.”

Waedon’s goals are to eventually earn his masters in occupational therapy. But not yet. He will continue to work as an enrollment advisor and as an assistant coach for at least another year.

Dr. Dielschneider closes by saying, “I’m so proud of Waedon’s achievements. It is great to now interact with him as a fellow employee at Providence!”