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Top Five Reasons to Live in Residence

Apr 29, 2021 | Institution / General, News

OTTERBURNE, MB – Living in residence on our Otterburne, MB campus is the best way to immerse yourself in the full Providence experience. It means you’re only steps away from your classes, the cafeteria, Pilot games in the gymnasium and new (or old) friends who live down the hall.

If you are in the midst of deciding whether to live in residence for the first time, here are the top five reasons why we think living on-campus this Fall is the best choice for you.

  1. Community

At Providence, we are best known for our close-knit community. When you live in residence, you’re part of a family right from day one. You’ll meet lots of new people and make some lifelong friendships. In addition, we have our own ‘Faculty in Residence’ program. Dr. Nicholas Greco lives with his wife and daughter in a Muriel Taylor Hall apartment. Many of our students enjoy connecting with them in the regular activities they host on-campus including a Tolkien reading group, movie nights, crafting sessions and daily prayer times.

  1. Convenience

If the idea of rolling out of bed and into class appeals to you, you can’t get much closer than living in residence. You are only steps away from everything. It’s just a short walk to classes, labs, professors, study groups, library, fitness center and sporting events. You can take nature walks along the winding river, participate in a game of pool or foosball, enjoy a bonfire at night, hang out with friends at ‘the Hub’ and so much more.

In addition to your residence room, you will have access to a prayer room, study lounges and spaces to watch movies or play video games. Whether you are looking to socialize, work out, relax or study, there is something for everyone! For your convenience, there are on-site laundry facilities, vending machines and a kitchen in Muriel Taylor Hall.

  1. Connection

When living on-campus, you’ll find it easier to get involved in extracurricular events and to participate in groups and clubs. Throughout the year, your residence life (RAs) and student council (STUCO) teams host a variety of educational and social events to bring students together such as worship nights, coffee houses, intramural sports, and all sorts of games and challenges. All this gives you an opportunity to learn, grow, and most importantly, have fun!

University is a big transition, and it can feel overwhelming at times. Living in residence provides you with an enriched experience because you get to connect with people every day who are going through the same things as you. You also have the added support of your Residence Life Director and Residence Assistants (RAs) who live in community with you and are always available for assistance, advice or just to talk.

  1. Cafeteria

You’ll love our cafeteria! Our food provider, Sodexo, offers healthy, nutritious and delicious meals that taste like home. Our dining hall is housed in the Reimer Student Life Centre (SLC), a central location on campus where the whole Prov community enjoys meeting together and hanging out.

Our food is prepared to cater to all tastes, appetites and dietary requirements. A variety of entrée stations serve up everything from the home-cooked to the gourmet, and there is always pizza, fresh fruit, vegetables, a sandwich bar and ice cream.

  1. Can’t Beat the All-Inclusive Deal

Not only are meals included if you live in residence but so is parking, laundry, Internet, cable, common area cleaning (hallways & bathrooms), and 24-hour onsite residence staff who are available for emergencies. You can avoid the hassles of renting and having to sign a 12-month lease.

If these reasons are not enough to convince you, there are studies with college and university students that suggest residence students earn better grades and are more likely to graduate than their commuting peers. So, register today and pay a deposit on your residence room. Spaces are filling up quickly. Registration is now open for incoming students here and returning students here.