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The Impact of Prayer Partner Letters

Dec 19, 2023 | Institution / General

By Madison Franks, Student Writer

OTTERBURNE, MB – One of the coolest parts of writing for Providence is that I have the privilege of witnessing how connections between the people within Providence and the people without occur. Hearing the stories of alumni and supporters is a very encouraging thing for a current student such as myself, and I know the impact goes beyond just me.

There seems to be a significant glue holding together those who once walked the Hanna Centre hallways on a regular basis to the university. This is, most likely, the case with every university one could attend, but there seems to be something special about Providence. With the small class sizes, the secluded campus location, and the plethora of welcoming people one could be introduced to, Providence seems to take the stance that teaching must not only happen while students are in their seats hearing their professor speak, but also in each of the moments that occur outside of the classroom. Professors are enabled to get to know their students in a deeper and more personal way than they usually can at a bigger university. They are able to not only be an example of academic excellence in the classroom but also as examples of good character and leadership outside.

It is clear that these professors have a long-lasting impact on the students. However, how are the lessons of Providence to continue being taught to alumni after graduation? More importantly, how are alumni and supporters able to feel connected to the school that once held such a large and important part of their lives?

Last year, a new initiative began at Providence. This was an opportunity, originated by Residence Life Director, Teah Goossen, to do just that: connect. Resident students were given the option at the beginning of the year to have someone outside of Providence pray for them throughout the school year. Students saw this as an incredible opportunity to feel the love of Christ in the shape of human prayers. Because of the success of the campaign last year, Providence ensured its continuation this year, only with even more chances for connection.

Where last year the people praying for our students – the “prayer partners” – were able to lift up the needs of the individual student to the Lord, this year they were able to do that, plus pray over dorm as a whole and how their student fits into it.

I have had the privilege of constructing prayer partner letters that get sent out to Providence’s prayer partners every month. It has been a humbling experience to collect moments and stories from resident students as well as offering up in the letters various prayer requests related to residence life. Through these letters, prayer partners have been welcomed into the tough moments dorm has to offer as well as the joyful ones that are always sprinkled throughout. It is always a struggle to be vulnerable, but by displaying our needs before a group of people who genuinely care to see the resident students at Providence succeed, the vulnerability suddenly ceases to be a daunting thing and becomes the beautiful method through which the Lord answers prayers.

Writing the prayer partner letters has, personally, been an incredible lesson in allowing other people to come alongside me in my walk through life by giving every prayer partner an opportunity to catch a glimpse into the residence students’ lives. As a student who signed up for this program, I can also attest to the difference it makes in a person’s life when they know they are being intentionally thought about and prayed for by someone who wants to see them thrive.

If you are someone who is currently not on Providence’s list of prayer partners, I encourage you to sign up. It is a fantastic way to stay up to date on all things Residence Life at Providence and to get some behind-the-scenes insight into what the daily, weekly, and monthly needs of our students are. And for all of you prayer partners out there, thank you for everything you do.