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Student Experience at Providence

Jan 31, 2022 | Institution / General, News

OTTERBURNE, MB – Choosing the best place to start (or continue) your education can be overwhelming at times, but it helps to know there are people along the way to support you in your search for the right program.

Providence is a Christian university and seminary, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 35 majors and streams. Our Otterburne campus is rurally placed, community driven and uniquely positioned to help transform the aspirations of students into careers that will make a difference for Christ in a changing world.

We have a team of friendly enrollment officers and academic advisors who are happy to answer any of your questions. At Providence, we are proud of our close-knit community where you can make meaningful connections and establish a network of life-long friends and mentors.

To help give you a closer look at our school, we spoke with one current student and two recent graduates about their experiences at Providence. Waedon Dueck (BSc in Health Science – 4th Year), Yeonjun Choi (BA in TESOL 2021), and Alyssa Giesbrecht (MA in Counselling 2020) openly share how they feel Providence was the best fit and right educational choice for them. You can read some of their answers to our questions below and/or view the two-minute video here.


What is one of your favourite things about Providence? 

Alyssa: One of my favorite things about Providence is the community life. I feel that is something a lot of people talk about. Another highlight for me is the growth that’s happened in general – both relationally and spiritually. I’ve grown a lot as a person. I appreciate that we’re able to use our giftings in different areas whether it is music, a creative writing group, a coffeehouse, the choir, or athletics (etc.).

Explain the importance of a Christian education to you?

Waedon: A Christ-centred education at Prov has helped me grow as a Christian. I’ve been able to learn the Bible and theology and to grow alongside of my peers. I’ve grown as I’ve interacted with my friends, coaches and professors and as I’ve participated in different campus activities. I can take all that I’m learning and apply it.

Alyssa: Christian education is really important. Our education – to varying degrees and depending on what you’re studying – shapes our understanding of ourselves and the world. Providence integrates into its teaching how God sees us and the world. I appreciate how that’s been facilitated both in the community life and in the classroom.

How have your professors impacted you?

Alyssa: The faculty at Prov has impacted me in my learning journey by caring for me. It’s about more than the grades that I get. I’ve experienced care for who I am as a person. Professors are interested in me learning and growing as a human being.

My professors have been mentors rather than just educators. It’s not just about information, grades, and assignments. It’s about developing. It’s been a wonderful experience for me. We’ve been mentored to make an impact even as we’re learning and growing.

Are you happy with your program choice?

Waedon: I’ve really been enjoying the Health Sciences program here. It’s helped me learn all the different areas of health science. It’s shaped my understanding of the field and helped me decide what I want to do for a career. A Prov education has proven to be a solid foundation that I can build on.

How is residence life at Providence?

Yeonjun: I enjoyed residence life at Providence. I stayed at Muriel Taylor Hall and loved hanging out with friends in the lounge area. We would bake bread and cookies together in the kitchen on weekends. There were lots of quiet spaces to meet and study with classmates. I feel Prov has taught me about healthy community life and how to live well with others.


You can view more of our interview with Waedon, Yeonjun and Alyssa here on our provmanitoba YouTube channel.

If you’re interested in attending Providence University College, you should join our Virtual Preview Prov on February 4th. Learn more here. And if you’re interested in a graduate program at Providence Theological Seminary, please view a listing of our program choices here.