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Public Lectures will showcase Providence professors’ range of expertise

Jan 7, 2019 | Institution / General, News

Scholarship, says Dr. Dennis Hiebert, “is public enterprise, not private property.” It has a place “in the public square, not behind barriers such as cost and time” that limit its availability.

The 2019 Providence Public Lecture Series, set to take place in Winnipeg and Steinbach in February and March, will bring the scholarship of University College and Seminary professors to all those interested in the variety of topics being discussed, free of charge. And they are topics, points out Dr. Hiebert, that demonstrate the “impressive range” of expertise among Providence faculty.

For example, new Seminary professors Drs. Robert Dean and Joshua Coutts will talk about eschatological imagination and early Christianity in Rome, respectively. Dr. Rebecca Dielschneider will examine the biology of motherhood, Bruce Duggan will highlight the First Nations leading Canada’s clean energy transformation and Val Hiebert will discuss domestic violence in the context of Christianity.

Dr. Hiebert, Professor of Sociology at Providence and Chair of the Public Scholarship Committee, will, himself, be among the presenters and will kick off the 2019 series with “Right vs. Left, Conservatives vs. Liberals, Power vs. Presence.” Finally, Dr. Johnathan Bonk, Professor Emeritus of Global Christian Studies, will deliver a lecture entitled “Modern African Church History and the Streetlight Effect: Biography as a Lost Key.”

The Lecture Series, says Dr. Hiebert, is also a way for those who support Providence prayerfully, financially and by word of mouth to experience what they’re supporting. He hopes they’ll come away challenged, stimulated to reflection and action, and appreciative of a scholarly approach that is grounded in Christian understandings of life.

“They will,” he adds, “value Christian higher education more.”

Winnipeg | McNally Robinson (Travel Alcove), 1120 Grant Ave. |

Saturdays at 7:00 p.m.

Steinbach | Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre (Studio B), 304 Second St. |

Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.