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Providence Living and Learning Update #1

Feb 13, 2019 | Institution / General, News

It is an exciting time at Providence! Construction for the new Living and Learning Centre is well underway. There is great progress being made towards this new building and the Providence living and learning curriculum. We are thankful for the large and continued outpouring of support for Providence through Impact 2020.

This new residence hall will facilitate and accelerate the implementation of a new living and learning curriculum. Through a student focused experience we are committing Providence to be a dynamic and challenging Christian learning environment where faculty, staff and student services will enable students to pursue their vocation within a warm relational community. Students will live and grow in a Christ-centered environment that is diverse and challenging, and that will move them to think beyond themselves, changing their lives forever. They will develop a passion for global and local issues, engaging this passion through leading and serving in practical and impactful ways.

Our goal was to move in to the Living and Learning Centre by September 2019. This project has been complicated by various extraneous factors. As the plans have been modified, the more realistic time for students to move in is in the winter semester of the 19/20 academic year.

We are thrilled as we look to the future. The enhanced living and learning curriculum and the new Living and Learning Centre will benefit students and the community long into the future. As we continue to make progress on this transformational initiative at Providence, we will update you on the important developments as they arise.