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Provf Talks provides a “sampler” of Providence professors

Feb 6, 2018 | Institution / General, News

Music, millennials and business, marriage, biblical interpretation, social change and scientific observation are only a few of the topics that Providence professors will tackle at the annual PROVF Talks event taking place Thursday, November 30 at 10:00 a.m. in the lecture theatre.

Based on the format of the popular TED Talks, PROVF Talks will feature 10 bite-size lectures, each limited to 12 minutes. According to Dr. Dennis Hiebert, Professor of Sociology and head of the Providence University College Public Scholarship Committee, the presentations will serve as a sort of “prof sampler” for students who are considering certain courses for their future studies.

“It’s a good opportunity to sample topics in academic disciplines that someone may not have ever studied formally, topics outside of one’s major,” Hiebert says.

For members of the public, who are welcome to attend for free, PROVF Talks provides a taste of the range of courses taught at Providence. “The public supports us in many ways and it’s important we give back to them, especially in ways that help them know us better,” says Hiebert. “For people who don’t have the opportunity to take a whole course, this at least provides a little sample.”

PROVF Talks sessions are from 10:00am – 11:30 am and 1:00pm – 2:30pm. Five professors will present at random in the morning’s session and another 5 professors will present in the 2nd session. Refreshments will be served after the last session.

Come out and ponder some new ideas at PROVF Talks this Thursday!

Session 1

  • “Perfectly Poised for Scientific Observation” – Rebecca Dielschneider
  • “For This Reason: For What Reason? Marriage in Genesis 2” – Ed Neufeld
  • “Beyond the Pro-Life Versus Pro-Choice Debate” – Randall Holm
  • “Imagining History” – Daryl Climenhaga
  • “Sense and Sense Ability: The Sensual and the Sensible” – Dennis Hiebert

Session 2

    • “Chicken or Egg? Language Change and Social Change” – Val Hiebert
    • “I Interpret the Bible Literally, Sometimes” – Patrick Franklin
    • “Same-Sex Marriage is Like a Subway Sandwich” – Hendrik van der Bregeen
    • “How Millennials Can Survive a Boomer Boss” – Bruce Duggan
    • “Producing Music for the Community in Academia” – Michalis Andronikou