This program provides a wholistic approach that strategically combines the practical and theoretical studies of both biology and psychology. Not unlike the observation that both nature and nurture are involved in human development, students pursuing a degree in Biology-Psychology explore how physiological and mental processes influence one another, which has real-world application to experiences of trauma, addiction, and various forms of physical and mental illness.

With small class sizes, laboratory and lecture-based classes, formal and informal mentorship, and highly transferable skills and academic credits, this natural pairing of Biology and Psychology will prepare graduates for a host of science-based careers and graduate programs.

Major Options
BSc Biology-Psychology Major 4 Years
Program Details

For Entrance into the Biology-Psychology program

To declare a Biology-Psychology Major, you will need to get a grade of C or better in Introduction to Biology I and II during your first year studies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please look to the Academic Calendar for full information and course lists. If there are discrepancies between the information listed here and in the Academic Calendar, the Academic Calendar is definitive.

Range of Courses
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Biology
  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Research Methods
  • Statistics for Behavioural and Social Sciences
  • Cell Biology
  • Introduction to Calculus
  • Biochemistry
  • Social Science and Christianity
  • Brain and Behaviour
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • History and Theory of Psychology
  • Topics in Health Research
  • Pharmacology

Rebecca Dielschneider, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Health Sciences

Morgan Mulenga, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

Career Options

Graduates from this program obtain the necessary training for employment in various roles such as Behavioural Specialist, Laboratory Technician, Community Services Worker, and Research Assistant. Science courses at Providence are also transferable to other institutions which allow students to pursue further studies in fields like Education, Clinical Psychology, and Counselling Psychology.