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NDP Refuse Passage of Bill Granting Providence ‘University Status’

May 31, 2023 | Institution / General, News

OTTERBURNE, MB – On May 30th, in the Manitoba Legislature, MLA Andrew Micklefield advocated that the bill to recognize Providence with full ‘university status’ be brought to a third and final reading. A group of faculty and staff gathered in the legislative building and watched from the public gallery, anticipating that Providence would be recognized and acknowledged for the quality education that we are known to offer in Manitoba, Canada and around the world.

Unfortunately, the NDP Opposition denied permission to discuss the bill in yesterday’s session, citing procedural rules they waived for other private member’s bills. This was the last opportunity before summer break for the bill to pass, requiring it to be reintroduced and begin its path through the legislature again at a future date.

“Despite passing almost every other private member’s bill, it is curious for the NDP to stop Providence from receiving the recognition it deserves,” said Micklefield. “Providence is a premier post-secondary institute in Manitoba and our province has been enriched by their graduates, whose talents are evident in their dedicated service to communities across various fields, including healthcare, social work, outreach centers, businesses, humanitarian efforts, and more.”

Providence has been offering undergraduate and graduate degrees for several decades, with our highest degree program being the Doctor of Ministry in Contextual Leadership or Counselling & Mental Health Practice. As a post-secondary school, we offer bachelor’s degrees in diverse areas such as Arts, Science, Business Administration, and Theology. The wide range of programs includes popular majors like Aviation, Biblical Studies, Biology, Business, Communications & Media, Health Science, Psychology, and TESOL.

The university college houses two distinctive schools: the English Language Institute, which provides preparatory courses for international students whose first language is not English, enabling their success in post-secondary studies, and the Buller School of Business, which offers comprehensive two-year, three-year, and four-year degree programs.

Recently, Providence launched the Centre for On-Demand Education (CODE), catering to the needs of individual students seeking further education and skill development, as well as employers looking to enhance their workforce through on-the-job training. CODE aims to make education accessible, applicable, and affordable.

As we approach our centennial anniversary in 2025, the long-awaited university status would be a significant milestone to achieve. It would bolster Providence’s reputation not only across the province but also on national and international levels.

President Dr. Kenton Anderson expressed his renewed vigor to pursue the recognition and status that Providence deserves, by stating, “We are grateful to MLA Micklefield, Minister Goertzen, and Minister Guillemard as well as MLA Moses for their support of Providence and our bill. While we are disappointed with the outcome of yesterday’s events, we are in this for the long haul. We are patient but determined, and by God’s grace, we will see this through.”