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Dr. Paul Chamberlain to discuss Christian apologetics at free, public event at Providence

Sep 26, 2018 | Institution / General, News

Can we talk?

Dr. Paul Chamberlain, Director of the Institute of Christian Apologetics at Trinity Western University, will explore the relationship of the Christian apologetic enterprise with its general public over two lectures on October 30, 2018 at Providence.

Both lectures, together themed “Can We Talk? The Role of Apologetics in Contemporary Public Discourse,” are open to the public and are free of charge. The first presentation will begin at 10:00 a.m. in the Hanna Centre lecture theatre.

In the 10:00 a.m. session, Dr. Chamberlain will discuss the core nature and purpose of apologetics, asking if there is a broader, richer understanding of apologetics than is conventionally assumed. He’ll examine the various historical and cultural settings of apologetics and talk about the different contextual and theological reasons for preferring certain apologetic approaches over others.

The 1:00 p.m. session will focus on the resurgence of apologetics, asking how it can still play a useful role in public discourse. Dr. Chamberlain will look at how apologetics can move beyond a modern presentation of arguments to include a postmodern engagement in true dialogue.

Dr. Chamberlain is a Providence alumnus and has authored several books, including Talking About Good and Bad Without Getting Ugly: A Guide to Moral Persuasion and Why People Stop Believing.

Attendees can park in the main, east parking lot and purchase lunch at the Reimer Student Life Centre between the two sessions.

Email Dennis Hiebert, Chair of the Providence Public Scholarship Committee, for more information. Registration is not required.

VIDEO: Dr. Paul Chamberlain discuses his book, Why People Stop Believing, with 100 Huntley Street.