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March 16, 2023

Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 16! No matter where you are, you can join us in celebration of another Day4Prov!

Wear, Share & Give

Day4Prov is your chance to wear your Providence gear, share your unique Providence story, encourage a friend to do the same, and give a gift that impacts the students who are continually being developed into leaders that will make a difference in our world! We want to hear YOUR story! Go ahead and follow @ProvManitoba on Instagram today so you stay in the loop.

On Day4Prov, post a picture of yourself in your Prov clothing and share what impacted you about your Providence experience in a social media post. Make sure to tag @ProvManitoba for your chance to win a prize!

Day4Prov is your chance to give a gift that impacts the lives of students! The goal is to reach 123 donors who participate in the mission of Providence by giving a gift of ANY size! Your gift could be the one that unlocks special CHALLENGE GIFTS that are available only if we reach certain numbers of donors. Every gift, no matter the size, supports more students getting the same amazing Providence impact you may have already experienced.

Click here to make your contribution today!

We can’t wait to see another outpouring of Providence pride as we WEAR, GIVE & SHARE again on Day4Prov!

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