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Alexandria Johnson’s First Year Experience at Providence

Jun 24, 2021 | Institution / General, News

Since high school when she job shadowed a nurse, Alexandria felt a strong desire to also help people and pursue a career in healthcare. Her own health struggles fueled her desire to help others navigate and battle through their medical issues and problems. Diagnosed with a heart condition as a baby, followed by losing hearing in one of her ears as a teen, Alexandria knew what it was like to visit the hospital regularly. This is what motivates her every day. It gives her the needed energy and inspiration to remain focused and dedicated to a career caring for others during their most vulnerable times.

Alexandria remembers the moment when she found out that Providence, where her parents had met decades earlier, offered courses in both Health Sciences and Biblical Studies. She worked hard throughout high school in the hopes that her strong academics, along with her community involvement and determined spirit, would help make her Providence education possible and qualify her for scholarships and bursaries. “When I received confirmation that I was the recipient of the President’s Scholarship of $10,000, I felt God was opening up an opportunity for me to pursue my passions in a Christ-centered environment.”

Before beginning her fall semester, Alexandria finished reading the entire Bible for the first time. Her spiritual hunger was growing, and she could hardly wait to take Biblical Studies courses at Providence.

“I would go from Bible class to science class and be in awe of how the course content would connect and teach me new ways about how God works. I was in awe of God’s intricate creation. My first year at Providence solidified my desire to follow Him.”

There were late night book reports, memories made with fellow basketball teammates, and conversations with friends and parents discussing all she was learning. She found herself wrestling with new ideas as her faith was stretched and deepened. “My Providence experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me more about myself and God than I thought was possible in one year.”

Not only is Alexandria receiving instruction and building knowledge in the area of Health Science at Providence, but her faith and character are also being formed and strengthened so that she can be confident in her calling; so that she can participate in God’s mission and purposes for her life both professionally and personally.

“I’ve been able to take the foundation of what I learned about the Bible growing up and expand on it in new ways so that I could make my faith my own.”