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An Advent Devotional by Dr. Hendrik van der Breggen

Dec 15, 2021 | Institution / General

“The Word (Logos) became flesh and lived for a while among us” (John 1:14).

 “The man from whom the demons had gone out was sitting at Jesus’ feet, dressed and in his right mind” (Luke 8:35).

The Logos – the divine Word/ Reason/ Logic/ Wisdom – is personal and permeates the universe, giving it order, harmony, goodness, and beauty. The Logos also has made the universe intelligible to human minds by having created it as well as us. Though our knowledge is fallible and non-exhaustive, we can know at least some important truths. Jesus is the Logos and we are to follow Him.

With these things in mind, the concept of anti-Logos helps me understand that the disorder, disharmony, evil, and ugliness in the world (and dark goings-on in my soul) are due to a rejection of the Logos.

It seems to me that human beings are choosing anti-Logos (whether they consciously acknowledge or understand the Logos to be Jesus or not) and, according to the Bible, other beings are also doing so and apparently some influence us in these matters (1 Timothy 4:1).

Such a rejection explains at least the following:

NOTE 1: The categories are set out in no particular order and probably more categories and parenthetical examples could be added; and NOTE 2: I do not hate the people who engage in any of what is listed, but I hate the activities, of which some I am guilty either in deed or in thought.

  • Embrace of false gods (e.g., elevation of self or group identity to number one status)
  • Disrespect for the image of God in others (e.g., killing babies via abortion, human trafficking, promoting euthanasia instead of palliative care, “othering” people who are different including the unvaccinated)
  • Denial of actual knowledge of real moral truth (e.g., by making feelings trump)
  • Dismissal of reason/logic/truth/objectivity as mere cultural constructs and masks for power (whereas reason etc. are God-given tools to unmask cultural pretenses and power plays)
  • Rejection of marriage as between one and one woman (e.g., same-sex marriage, polyamory, child brides)
  • Rejection of sexual design as biologically male or female (e.g., transgender ideology pushed onto and harming kids)
  • Embrace of lust (e.g., multi-billion-dollar porn industry, sexual slavery of children)
  • Embrace of covetousness (envying riches of others)
  • Lying (e.g., promoting false narratives via news, social media, school curricula; twisting Scripture to justify immorality and other falsehoods)
  • Theft (e.g., looting; incurring public debts that burden and steal from our grandchildren)
  • Etc., etc.

The concept of anti-Logos is helpful in understanding the idea that the self (individually or collectively) and its desires are, or take the role of, God. The human “I am” becomes – pretends to become – the great I AM (Exodus 3:14-15). God’s design and wisdom are rejected for merely human designs and agendas that aren’t centred on God, the Logos.

The Logos – God, truth, reason, true wisdom, and true understanding—is rejected, and anti-Logos accepted. Anti-Logos – darkness – is embraced. As a result, the human creature becomes stupid, delusional, and morally ugly. The world becomes insane.

Because Jesus, the Logos, is the Christ, it follows that whatever is anti-Logos is anti-Christ. Thus, anti-Christ is the dark, powerful, and hideous spirit of our age—and his name is Legion.

Yet, the Almighty God and Light of the world loves us.

At Christmas, I will remember that Jesus is this God who became human flesh and entered our dark world and who, through His death and resurrection, defeats all anti-Christs.

And because of His Grace, I will sit at Jesus’ feet in my right mind.

Dr. Hendrik van der Breggen retired as Associate Professor of Philosophy at Providence University College in 2019.