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A Day in the Life of a Prov Student

Jan 25, 2021 | Institution / General, News

OTTERBURNE, MB – University life is a big transition that can feel overwhelming at times, but it helps to know there are people along the way to support you in your first year of studies. It starts with our friendly enrollment officers, but it continues as you connect with your academic advisors and share life with other students that you meet academically in smaller-sized classes, or recreationally on the soccer field (or during a worship band practice for instance). At Providence, we are proud of our close-knit community where you can make meaningful connections and establish a network of life-long friends and professors as mentors.

If you’re a high school student who’s about to take the next step towards starting your post secondary education, we’ve prepared this feature story just for you so you can get a realistic picture of campus life. We asked first year student, Dami Abiona, to give you a glimpse at ‘a day in the life of a Prov student.’

What is your favourite class?

I find this question difficult to answer because I’ve found something enjoyable in all of them, but I’ve seen the most growth from my Christian Spirituality class which is required for all first-year students at Prov. Intro to Sociology 1 comes in second. Prof Dennis Hiebert made the class entertaining and it was cool learning about things like groups and social interactions because I was witnessing it firsthand on campus.

What is your favourite spot on campus?

My favourite spot would have to be the field outside the Student Life Center (SLC). I have so many memories of playing volleyball and instruments, and just chilling with people in that spot. It is a great way to meet people after meals and connect before classes began.

What is your favourite activity?

I joined the worship band. Getting to play music with others as passionate as me is exciting and a good break in my routine from all the schoolwork.

Share the coolest thing about university in 10 words or less.

The coolest thing about university is “being able to experience independence.”

Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely homesick my first weekend, but being in my residence room (on my own) I was reminded of the excitement and, at times, challenges that come with growing up. University is a great place for transitioning into ‘adulthood.’

What does a typical day at Prov look like?

A typical, full day for me consists of three classes, and waking up at 7:00 am for my 8:30 class. After that is done, I quickly rush to the Dining Hall to grab breakfast before it closes. Then, I return to my room to do some readings or start an assignment before I go to my next class.

After my second class of the day, I head to the SLC for lunch and spend some time catching up and chatting. During a busy day, I find it crucial to make time to socialize so I’m not constantly in my own space. My last class of the day is usually finished around 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm and I have two hours to myself before dinner. I try to spend this time doing something I enjoy, whether that be reading, dancing or doing a workout. The reason being that I like to do the majority of my homework in the evening before bed.

After dinner and my study session, my pod-mates and I do a group workout or activity just to catch up and share what happened in our day. Around 9:30, if I’m not doing a project, I do a devotional with the girls on my floor and head to bed.

I’ve found that being on campus makes it really easy to socialize and study. There is always time in a day for both things.

What would you say to high school students who are considering attending Prov?

If you’re considering Providence, I say, “Go for it!” Providence is intentional with their teaching approach, creating relationships with and between students, and even checking in. I’m so happy with my decision to attend this school. It is a great place to experience purposeful community with faculty, staff and students.


DAMI ABIONA moved to Manitoba to study and live on the Otterburne campus for the fall 2020 semester. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, she is now studying remotely from her home in Calgary, AB. She is working towards a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She is currently on the Dean’s Honours List. She loves participating in worship band practices, attending chapels and working at the library.

In the vlog below, Dami explains in her own words why she choose Prov, “Ever since grade 7, I’ve felt that being around people and helping people was my calling in life. So, I began looking for a place where I’d be able to pursue that. I was looking through Christian universities and I found Prov. I love what this school stands for with their faith and community statements. I love the way the classes work. And I love the social life here.”


In case you are interested, here is Dami’s ‘A Day in the Life’ vlog which was filmed last October (2020).

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