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September 2
Returning Students Move-In
September 4
Providence Seminary Fall Retreat
September 5
First Day of Classes
September 7
Welcome Banquet
September 7
All Payments Deadline
September 11
Course Change Deadline
September 19
Day of Prayer
October 17
Voluntary Withdrawal Deadline (Seminary)
October 30
Providence Guest Lectures, featuring Dr. Paul Chamberlain
November 5
Voluntary Withdrawal Deadline (UC)
November 11
Remembrance Day
November 12
Public Lecture: “Biology, Humanity’s Origin, & the Loving Spirit of God,” with Dr. Darrel Falk
November 29
Provf Talks
December 7
Christmas Banquet
December 7
Last Day of Classes
December 14
All Residence Student Move-Out (Fall)
January 6
All Residence Students Move-In (Winter)
January 7
Winter Orientation
January 7
Winter Classes Begin
January 11
All Payments Deadline (Winter)
January 13
Course Change Deadline (Winter)
January 20
Course Drop Deadline
January 22
Day of Prayer (Winter)
February 18
Louis Riel Day
February 25
Winter Voluntary Withdrawal Deadline (Seminary)
March 11
Winter Voluntary Withdrawal Deadline (UC)
March 22
Athletic Banquet
April 5
Last Day of Classes (Winter)
April 8 - 12
Exams (Winter)
April 12
Seminary Graduation Banquet
April 13
Seminary Graduation Ceremony
April 13
UC Graduation Banquet
April 14
UC Graduation Ceremony
April 14
All Residence Students Move-Out (Winter)