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Right vs. Left, Conservatives vs. Liberals, Power vs. Presence - Steinbach

February 5 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre, Studio B, 304 Second St, Steinbach


The culture war within our society is raging more furiously today than when it was first identified and described twenty-five years ago. We are more divided politically, economically, but most fundamentally, morally than ever before. Moral foundations theory from the field of social psychology is helpful in digging down to several pre-rational, cross-cultural intuitions which, in opposing combinations, are the source of our conflict. But even when differences are understood better, combatants are still left with questions about whether to pursue power to impose their morality, withdraw from power politics, or find an alternative mode of being socially, faith-fully responsible.

Dennis Hiebert (PhD, University of Manitoba) is the Providence Department Head of Arts and Sciences. He is also editor of the Journal of Sociology and Christianity, a past president of the Christian Sociological Association, and the author of Sweet Surrender: How Cultural Mandates Shape Christian Marriage (Cascade, 2013).


The 2019 Providence Public Lectures will demonstrate the impressive range of expertise among Providence faculty, whose topics will include politics, morality, missiology, history, biology, hermeneutics, race and gender. Presenting in Winnipeg and Steinbach, Providence professors are excited to bring their scholarship into the public square. Attendees can expect to be intellectually stimulated, perhaps challenged, and to come away with a new appreciation for Christian higher education.

All lectures are free to attend - no registration required.

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