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Providence Guest Lectures

October 29

Providence Lecture Theatre

Free admission, no registration required

Our Common Companion: Normalizing Death and Dying

Our culture and Christianity have medicalized death, compounding not only our obligation to prolong life as much as possible, but also our fear of death. How can we confront our compulsively avoidant attitudes and actions toward death, and make peace with it?

Keynote Speaker

David Kennedy, M.T.S, Certificates in Grief, Bereavement, and Trauma

David Kennedy has served as both a pastor and a professor in Ontario. Beginning eleven years ago, he has developed the Grief and Bereavement programs of Hospice Peterborough, which in 2017 served over 1,800 persons, including children, teens, and adults. Today he is the Supportive Care Counsellor for the Palliative Community Team at Hospice Peterborough, which supports individuals and families of those who are dying. He also serves as adjunct faculty in the Bereavement Program at OISE, University of Toronto. 



October 28

7:00 PM | Preliminary Workshop: A Dialogue on Death and Dying

Participants will explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences via safe, structured, and guided discussion.


October 29

10:00 - 11:30 AM | Bringing Death Back into Life: Recovering Wholeness

Examining our personal and collective thoughts about death and dying can bring it back into the realm of everyday life. This lecture will explore how we have arrived at our obsessive denial of death and dying, and what is needed to accept it as the natural and ever-present experience of all living things.


1:00 - 2:30 PM | Medical Assistance in Dying: MAID in Canada

MAID has been legal for over two years now, providing sufficient experience to evaluate its impact. This lecture will overview what I have learned in my journey with many individuals and families toward assisted dying, and its aftermath. Both current and future impacts will be considered.


2:30 PM | Refreshments



2:45 - 3:30 PM | A Conversation with David Kennedy