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Missio Dei

January 30 - February 1

Guest speaker: Dallas Hiebert

Worship: Aslan's Child

Workshop speakers: Christoph Koebel, Tim Wong, Paul Kroeker, Janelle Friesen, Tim Noble


Wednesday, January 30


11:10 AM | Mission Themed Community Chapel - Dallas Hiebert (Frontiers Canada)

7:30 PM | Worship Night - Aslan's Child (Location TBD)


Thursday, January 31


ALL DAY | Mission Representatives Booths
Sports Lounge

10:00 AM | Workshop: Evangelism in Turkey in the 21st Century
Christoph Koebel (Operation Mobilization)
Business Lecture Theatre

11:00 AM | Workshop: Kingdom Professionals
Tim Wong (TEAM)
Business Conference Room

12:45 PM | Workshop: Discipleship Through Community
Paul Kroeker and Janelle Friesen (MB Mission)
Business Seminar Hub

1:45 PM | Workshop: Glorifying God through Missions Learning
Tim Noble (OMF International)
Business Seminar Hub

6:00-8:00 PM | Ethnic Marketplace
Howison Room/South Meeting Room


Friday, February 1


11:10 AM | STUCO Chapel