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Mile Two Discipleship School

Mile Two Discipleship School

Intentionally focus your time and attention on becoming closer to God through Mile Two. This eight-month experience at Providence will allow you to nurture your Christian faith while transitioning into higher education. Learn what it takes to live with Jesus at the center of your life.

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Mile Two Academics

Gain academic credit that can be transferred to Providence as well as some other Christian colleges and universities.


Journey to Israel

Explore and experience the land where Jesus walked while better understanding the pursuit of peace in this holy place.



Spend time every day in a small, intimate discipleship environment seeking the Lord together.


Community Life

Be part of a supportive, caring and respectful community where you will live, learn and have fun together.

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Mile Two Blog

Stay up to date with the Mile Two class as they experience the Bible in new ways and live it out by serving in the local community.

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