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Communion in a…pill? Rev. Dr. Lissa Wray Beal discusses the importance of communal worship

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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“Communion is really best thought of as a communal reality and a reality that is experienced in the midst of worship where the community is gathered together and together our hearts are directed to the Lord. As part of that, we come around the table.”

Rev. Dr. Lissa Wray Beal, Professor of Old Testament at Providence Theological Seminary, recently discussed a new product being advertised as communion for “large groups or just people on the go” with Winnipeg radio station CHVN 95.1FM.

God’s Pill, the invention of Colorado resident Theresa Lay, provides bread powder and red wine extract in capsule form and can be purchased online. It is labelled as a “dietary supplement.”

Visit CHVN’s official website to read about the product and hear the full interview with Rev. Dr. Wray Beal.

Author - Providence