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VIDEO: PROVFtalks lectures tackle wide-ranging topics, from domestic violence and Christianity to cancer research and H-E-double hockey sticks

Monday, December 10, 2018


The 2018 PROVFtalks showcased 10 Providence faculty members, each of whom delivered a bite-sized lecture on a topic of contemporary relevance and personal interest.

Fashioned on the TED Talks model, the 15-minute PROVFtalks were presented to a capacity lecture theatre on the Otterburne campus. Classes in each of Providence University College, Providence Theological Seminary and Mile Two Discipleship School were not scheduled for the November 29 event, allowing for students to attend. They were joined by Providence employees and interested members of the surrounding community.

The order of both the morning and afternoon sessions was drawn at random, and the lectures can be watched in their entirety on YouTube.

Morning Session

“Christian Veganism?” | Dr. Michael Gilmour
“Holy Terror: Finding Monsters in the Bible” | Dr. Heather Macumber
“H-E-Double Hockey Sticks: Rethinking a Biblical View of Hell” | Jeff Banman
“Aboriginal Culture: Appropriation or Appreciation – A Personal Story" | Terry Kennedy
“Shattering the Holy Hush: Domestic Violence & Christianity” | Val Hiebert

Afternoon Session

“Our Language is Mental” | Catherine Rust-Akinbolaji
“A Cure for Cancer?” | Dr. Rebecca Dielschneider
“English Literature is Frivolous” | Dr. Luann Hiebert
“How My Mind has Changed at Providence” | Dr. David Johnson
“Right vs. Left, Conservative vs. Liberal, Power vs. Presence” | Dr. Dennis Hiebert

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