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Living and Learning Update #4

Thursday, December 12, 2019

LLC Building

Providence has nearly completed construction on a beautiful, brand new, three-storey “Living & Learning Centre,” showcasing more than just a residence but creative community spaces for study, meetings, food and conversation. Every space is intentionally designed with large windows and lots of natural light flooding into rooms and lounges. The doors will open in January to 60 female student residents.

This building project is set to be completed before Christmas, and furniture will be brought in mid-December. It’s now a matter of counting down the days. It’s been months of anticipation and hard work, and you can feel the excitement rise in the air.

“As the deadline looms near, the project team has really come together,” shares Alan Klippenstein, Project Manager, Three Way Builders. “Our team understands the importance of this project to Providence and we’ve been impressed by the coordination and cooperation we’ve seen onsite.”

“As the flooring gets installed and the walls are painted, there is a shared feeling of excitement from the remaining trades to the students as they walk past the building on the way to class.” 

Since our last update in September, so much has happened with this building project. We’ve installed drywall, doors, flooring, washroom fixtures, cabinetry and an elevator. Also, insulation and a base coat on the exterior walls has been finished. We’re now completing electrical work and painting.

The only remaining items, such as landscaping, sidewalks and a finished exterior coat, will occur in the spring/summer 2020 when we have a stretch of warmer and drier weather.

Three Way Builders started construction in January 2019 and we planned for a 12-month build. Even with all of the days lost to cold and rain, Three Way was still able to complete the project in under a year.

Marlin Reimer, Providence’s Associate VP for Student Life, confides, “Our team of Grant Design Group, Pico Architecture and Three Way Builders has worked hard to not only ensure the building is completed in a timely fashion, but also that it looks aesthetically pleasing and is ultimately achieving student satisfaction and helping us achieve our Providence mission.” 

Providence is proud to be able to provide our students with a new building featuring great spaces that will enhance their experience of living and learning in community. “There is a desire to continue renovating our residence spaces, so that all our students, whether first year or fourth year, will have options for appealing spaces that suit their needs, from double rooms to on-campus apartment suites,” said Reimer.

As part of a Campus Living and Learning initiative, Providence will continue to work on existing campus buildings to create better renovated spaces for students to meet and connect.

Tyson Plett, a third-year student who’s completing a BA in Communications & Media, agrees that residence living contributes to a greater sense of community and involvement. "While living in residence, I felt more connected within the Providence community and with my classmates. It was easier to make friends, know what was happening on campus and get to events," explains Plett.

Providence intends to celebrate the opening of our new “Living & Learning Centre” in 2020. Watch for more information and an opportunity to book a viewing of the new residence.

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